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My name is Iskra Plamenova Gospodinova and I am from Bulgaria. I am speaking on behalf of 133000 members group in and many, many other people.

This is our Facebook page:
We have about 200 or more saved animals :)

In Bulgaria, Dryanovo (a small town near Veliko Tarnovo) in early March began inhuman atrocity to a yard dog. Puppy is hybrid breed, female, 5 years- old dog , called Mima. Unknown perpetrator initially cut off one paw of Mima. Owner saw that the dog is mutilated, but he often allowed Mima to walk freely think that the incident occurred somewhere in the nearby forest. After approximately 2 weeks and 3 other dog paws were cut off. Mima is found to agonizing close to his cottage and still tied to his chains.

Local vet managed to save her life but it remains disabled for life!

Owner of the dog thinks his neighbour, with whom he has a long feud is guilty, but alas, in Bulgaria the legislation is ineffective for such crimes. Applicable law of the Republic of Bulgaria, part of the European Union provides a fine of 250 to 500 Euro if the offender be identified. Unfortunately this is more difficult ,because responsible police authorities in Bulgaria have no rights to investigate and such crimes are not punished.

For dentures of Mima are already responsible Bulgarian and foreign organizations, but my request to you is expressing in that can help my country to become a true member of the European Union.

In Bulgaria has launched a petition to change the law which provides:

� Immediate treatment of the Law on Protection of Animals and the Law on Veterinary Activity in parts of their fines and actual implementation of the sanctions provided there in. Introduction of special preparations in the Criminal Code to reflect the particular degree of public danger of the acts related to extremely severe (random and aggressive) torture of animals (domestic, wild and ownerless). In particularly serious cases or repeated sentences are from 1 to 5 years imprisonment. These proposals reflect an understanding of common European legislation that animal welfare is part of the understanding of normal social behavior. Therefore, any deviation from this behavior, which is made particularly daring and cruelty should be punished severely in order to prevent similar events. In repeating the offense by the same man - the second sentence is double the former.

� Transparency in utilization of all incoming funds from domestic and foreign sponsors programs for maintenance and treatment of animals.

� Encouragement of individuals and / or organizations that engage in housing and raising the current homeless animals. Incentive measures may include: small amounts that are allocated specifically for food and medicines for animals housed. Be required to make the medical care of animals - castration, de-worming, treatment if needed. Their commitments to control by the authorities - councils and inspectorates to them.

� The creation of regional zoo-police departments in 5 points in the country. For example: one in northwestern Bulgaria, one in northeastern Bulgaria, Southwestern Bulgaria, South Bulgaria, central Bulgaria. Employees to ensure the direct implementation of ACT Animal Protection Act and the animal - the practice of medicine. To organize monthly patrols to various sites at which to monitor the injured / sick / abused animals. Furthermore, the imposition of fines in their power to provide for the withdrawal of animals in an inappropriate manner. Appropriate method is defined in European and global patterns of animal welfare that acceptance is vital for a civilized society.

� Non-stop open national helpline zoo-police on which citizens can report irregularities and / or problems. The zoo-police has the facilities in each of the above regions, where there is equipment with an option for the treatment and assistance to injured animals, as in the U.S., Australia and Europe.

� Forensic responsibility for keepers who attacked and caused injuries to other animals.

� justice for people who abandon or mistreat animals (which is considered abuse), And those who do not care being taken to the animal, which operate - de-worming, treatment need, food.

� Identifying sufficient areas for walking pets in residential areas, parks and gardens.

But alas I do not think that the signatures will be enough for now only 18,837 (29/03/2010 11:20). Bulgaria has the following phrase: "Every miracle for 3 days�. The country is in transition for 20 years and people as already numb. Please help us to really begin to be Europeans. Let us give publicity to the thousands of cases like this occurring in our country for years. Let Europe know about the iniquity of the animals in this State and their help and have to deal with this problem.

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