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Charity aims to criminalise animal cruelty

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Charity aims to criminalise animal cruelty

Sat 02 2009
by Gabriel Hershman

The Four Paws foundation, the charity launched in Austria in 1988 to stop cruelty to animals, has launched a campaign to penalise and imprison people in Bulgaria who commit acts of violence against animals.

The campaigners will distribute 40 000 postcards, which will be available in more than 100 veterinary clinics and pet shops, that people can fill out and send to the chairman of the national assembly Georgi Pirinski and Yanaki Stoilov, chair of the Legal Issues Committee.

The Animal Protection Act, adopted in early 2008, penalised animal torture but provided only financial and administrative sanctions. The proposed amendments to the Penal Code are to pass second reading in Parliament at the end of February.

The Four Paws charity now has nine offices in Europe, including one in Sofia.

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