Feb 2008


I am writing to you from Bulgaria and I am writing to you for the animals in need!

I think you know what is the situation here...if not I'll explain shortly.

In my country there are several problems with the animals. A big part of these problems are the homeless cats and dogs living in the streets. Another big problem is the live that many horses are forced to live (transporting heavy weights and living in terrible conditions such as Gipsy's or poor peasants' homes). Until not so long ago you probably know that there were even bears suffering the consequences of the human hatred. Nowadays they are saved with the help of Brigitte Bardot's campaigns and are lucky enough to be taken care of in reserves here in Bulgaria.

I won't comment the situation of the reserves here...they are not as good as you imagine.

So the reason why I am writing to you is to let you know that me and my friend are very motivated to create an animal centre for taking care, saving, giving shelter and searching for a reasonable home for abandoned, lost, sick, homeless or suffering animals.

I see that maybe you are not the exact people who can help us financially but I believe that you can direct us where to find such or who will probably be happy to sponsor us.

The activity that we intense this centre to do is healing of animals, birds and reptiles; extracting them from places in which they are being maltreated and recovering them physically and mentally; giving shelter to such animals and searching for nice and caring new owners (in Bulgaria and the World) that willing to look after them.

There's a new law here that has the goal to protect the home animals from violence. If a threat is submitted to a local authority the perpetrator has to pay the sum of 500 euro. This new law is not valid yet but the laws in Bulgaria are not meant to be observed. At least it's a kind of a support to us.

We see that for the creation of a centre such as this with the needed space (big enough to shelter all kinds of animals) is going to cost a lot. More money are going to be need for apparatuses, medic personnel etc. Again the irony of living here is an obstacle. We can hardly find the proper people who are willing to work at not so high salary.

Another idea that we plan is to create and train a team whose purpose will be to look and keep the animals' safety in the country. The police is a institution that is not to be trusted here...

As far as I know here we have a couple of centres that are helping with the gelding of the animals and temporary shelter them. One of them, I think, is part of the organization "Four Paws Bulgaria" ("Vier Pfoten") and is sponsored by the German embassy.

We don't want to create just a centre like these! We have in mind something of bigger importance and with more activities. With the help of a municipal councilor in Sofia (Martin Zaimov), ex-mayor candidate, who demonstrated his attitude towards the animals maybe we will have the base from which we can start. When I spoke with him (a couple of days ago) he said that he's going to see how are the things with the already created centers and and what has the municipality to say about this matter. We don't really rely on it (just another institution that's not to be trusted here) we're more willing to create a private centre. Thus we'll have more opportunities.

For now we have ONE good person with a position but unfortunately here the good people just don't seem to stand much of a chance. We believe that when we have more persons with BIG positions behind our backs our idea will be more spread and closer to a realization.

The main reason that I am writing to all of you is to give us some basic advices about the procedure itself and about finding sponsorship. A week ago I wrote to you an e-mail in which I told what did motivate me and my friend.

We found a puppy on the street with a deep infected wound on the neck (afterwards we found out that the wound is caused by an trap used for hunting animals...not exactly a bear trap but something like that).

Its trachea was cut. We decided to bring it in my friend's apartment in order to heal the wound.

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to keep it there because the apartment is rented.

Parallel with her medical treatment (the puppy was female and we named her Hearty) we began to look for good people that were willing to adopt her.

In 10 days she recovered and she began to feel better. The last day we were allowed to keep her, we took her at the vet's (the medic was a wonderful person that helped us a lot she took us half the money that we should've paid for the numerous drugs she gave to the puppy) and we thought it's time to sew up the trachea and to sew up the whole wound. The trachea and all the organs in the area of the neck were very deformed but after the sewing Hearty began to breed very good. We were calm and happy and we had the hope that she'll be alright.

10 mins after the operation Hearty died.

Now I blame myself for taking the decision about the operation too fast and thinking over all the possibilities. We can't be sure if it was a doctor's mistake or we have done some harm to the animal when we were transferring it to the apartment. There was some strange liquid substance that was coming out of her lungs (probably from the infection). Who knows what had happened with her organism without our notification... and it's very possible that we had stopped the income of air into her trachea somehow when we were transporting her.

We can't know for sure but one things is sure: it's our fault, us - the people.

This is not the first case of a dog with cut trachea in Bulgaria.

The Gipsy community, which lives here in a lot more wretched way than in the most European countries, does not know how to threat the animals. Even the Bulgarian community doesn't... For the people here seeing a dog that's been run over by a car on the street, sitting there days and nights is something normal. They just look away and pass. I don't want to comment the cars that are passing directly over his corpse...sometimes even with a smile. For the people here seeing a dirty, wretched, old and sick horse is being harnessed in a cart and in the cart seeing 5 or 6 people from the gipsy community along with a whole chassis from an old car or any other heavy material that's impossible to lift only by hand is something very usual. Seeing how the horse is being beaten with a whip or in order to go faster is something very acceptable. Seeing a horse with arthritis caused by not shodding or too rough-shodding is something that no one cares about. Seeing how a boy gipsy (who sees how the other kids have dogs and are taking them for a walk on leashes and naturally wants to have a pet) ties an animal and begins to pull and drag it without even caring about the animal's need, desires and aches it's a sight people here assume as very normal.

Going inside an animal store and seeing dogs and cats who are living inside glass cages filled with saw-dust often have snots and, their bows meant to be filled with water are filled with saw -dust this is a sight that doesn't touch anybody. Entering an animal store and seeing parrots brought from the jungle which nature is to fly and be free are closed in cages so small that they can't even turn around; seeing how they try to bite off their cages this is something that people here find attractive and amusing. They call it EXOTIC!

We and people like us are not willing this to continue. There are people here that are fighting against these things but we are powerless against the heartlessness that exists and even rules this country. We try and try but the things we do are not enough. That's why me and my friend want to create this centre...just to make it happen. We know it's going to be hard but we know that if we truly want it we will succeed!

And we really do want it!

We know that a lot of people will participate voluntarily in this activity and we know that we're gonna make it. We hope that all of you have something to help us and we will wait for your responds.

We want to ask you for one thing - in case you are corresponding with people here that are doing something similar to our idea DON'T tell them about us or that we are planning something. Bulgarians are people that love to steal ideas that will be doing them some credit. We fear that if our idea gets in the hand of people that have the opportunity to realize it but their goal is different from ours this activity will turn out result in negative way.

We know that if we don't create the thing that we want to create and someone else does, it won't be charged with as positive thoughts as if we have done it.

We want to be sure that all is going to happen as we plan it and afterwards we will announce it ourselves to the people. In spheres such as this there are many lies and frauds due to money and power obsessed deceiving people.

We don't want these thing to fall in the wrong hands and the cause that we fight for being smeared.

Thank you for your precious time and for your possible help!

I'm sending you pictures of the animals from the Bulgarian streets and pictures of our beloved Hearty. I hope you will check all of them !

And may the good be with all of you!!!

Good luck!! ;]]]

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