[Barrie Examiner]

The sight of a fur coat or sealskin garments make Taylor Marie Churchward and Ryan Couture's skin crawl.

The two Barrie residents say the thought of innocent animals dying for the sake of fashion leaves them sick to their stomachs and they're tempted to rip the clothing right off people. But they won't.

Instead, the duo and friends Katie Roulier and Angel Woodhams formed Barrie's Animal Activist's Network (BAAN) to express their distaste in an approachable manner.

"We're completely age appropriate and we're not in any way violent," said Couture, 24. "We are the voice for the animals, and we want people to understand that 300,000 seals alone will die this year. Other animals will, too."

"I've always been one to sign online petitions for animal rights groups like PETA, and I'm a member of peta2.com," said Churchward, 23. "We think it's possible to get the word out that we think (killing animals) is wrong to the public."

The group was first created last year through Facebook, but it blossomed into a full-blown activists group a only month ago.


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