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Boycott Canadian Seafood, and Help us Stop Harp Seal hunts!

On December 20, 2006 Jason Robicheau of Harp and Sky Valencia of the Vegan Vixens stood at the corner of Bay and Mason Street handing out flyers, t-shirts, stickers stuffed toy seals, and even rocks painted with a Seal face in hopes of urging the community to join them in their Boycott of Canadian Seafood.

Every year Canadian Fishermen go to the ice floes off the Coast of Newfoundland, and club, bludgeon, shoot, hacka-pick, and dismember [and de-skin] thousands of baby Harp Seals in hopes of selling their skin.

Although some countries still buy seal pelts, in 2006, Mexico "banned the import and export of Primates and Marine animals' and Italy has "temporarily suspended imports of seal skins and seal derived products." Norway seems to be one of their biggest buyers, and other countries like Germany, China, Finland, Denmark, Greece, South Korea and Russia still buy seal products.

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They were also making people aware of the new Billboard that is above a store at the 300 block of Bay Street.

She is a part of the Vegan Vixens


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