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Canada Spends $75,000 Cyber Spying on AR Groups

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Oh, Canada! It seems the Canadian government decided to spend $75,000 to hire a company to spy on the cyber activities of animal protection groups. And not to be a techno-snob, but they did it a la 1996, by spying on the groups’ chat rooms. Chat rooms? Will this be as big a debacle as the FBI spending six years investigating PETA and Greenpeace?

First, the hired spies monitored the chat rooms, Twitter messages and blogs. Since the “monitoring” was of online communication channels that are among the most publicly available conversations on the planet, it is fairly obvious they were not looking for national security threats or terrorist activity.

Rather, the government was looking for opportunities to post pro-slaughter messages about Canada’s “harvest.” And by “harvest” we mean seal head-bashing. The government had employees posting messages in animal rights chat rooms assuring people that the animals “harvested” were healthy and abundant.

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