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Canadian AR group hosts anti-fur demonstration

EMC News - The poster read: warm up with cider, not fur. It was a
catchy and non-confrontational way for members of the Kingston Animal
Trust (KAT) to open up a dialogue with passersby about ethical and
environmental implications of wearing fur.

The group was set up outside on Union Street, between Division Street
and University Avenue, last Tuesday serving up hot apple cider and
offering pamphlets to those looking to learn more about the unethical
practices of the fur industry.

"There's a bit of a renewed interest in fur at the moment, and so
we're using National Anti-Fur Day this year to sort of raise awareness
of the unethical practices of the industry, whether it be the inhumane
treatment of animals or the environmental devastation that the
industry is responsible for," said KAT member Eric Simpson.

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