Returning a book to the Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library yesterday evening was an eye-opening experience for Olivia Yarrien.

She came upon a candlelight vigil and slideshow in honour of the ninth International Animal Rights Day and was horrified by images of chickens in cramped cages and rabbits being mutilated for scientific testing.

"It's really disgusting the ways that they're treated," she said.

Yarrien, who said she's a vegetarian and doesn't wear fur, found she came away thinking about humanity's impact on other species.

'Living beings'

"I just don't think we consider enough that animals are living beings and I think that we need to," she said.

"We all need to take account of our actions and take a minute and think about what we do to the living things around us."

The Animal Rights Collective of Halifax, which put on the event, was hoping for that very reaction from people passing by.

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