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Montreal Police Keeping Tabs on ARAs

Montreal police are keeping tabs on a group of animal-rights activists who have launched a campaign of harassment against two Westmount executives who they believe work for companies that are cruel to animals.

Police charged 13 people with breach of the peace on Sunday night after their latest protest outside a home on Roslyn Ave.

A neighbour said the group has demonstrated outside the same home at least 10 times during the past two years, chanting slogans like "puppy killers" and putting fliers through mailboxes showing pictures of animals that have been cut open.

"They use foul language, which deters people from taking them seriously," said the woman, who didn't want her name published. "There is a whole lot of noise and a lot of anger."
The group, which often uses megaphones during its protests, ignored police orders not to gather in front of the home on Roslyn. Police arrested the demonstrators as they walked toward another home on Victoria Ave. because they refused to disperse, Lapointe said.

The protesters have held similar demonstrations about 20 times during the past year. Police have made arrests at other protests, but they couldn't say how many. Of the thirteen people arrested on Sunday, three are minors.
The animal rights activists are loosely affiliated with a British group called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, which campaigns against Huntingdon Life Sciences, a large laboratory in Britain that uses animals to test pharmaceutical products, agricultural chemicals and food products.

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