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Seal industry faces 'crisis' because of import bans

Canadian seal industry faces 'crisis' because of import bans, sealers told

The Canadian Press, Jan 8, 2008

ST. JOHN 'S, N.L. - The head of the Fur Institute of Canada says the sealing industry is in a ``crisis'' situation because of legislation in some European countries that bans the import of seal products.

Over the past year, a growing number of countries have passed, or are considering, such bans.

Bruce Williams, chairman of the organization, says that momentum is threatening the seal fishery and could cause its collapse if countries such as Italy and France approve bans of seal products.

Williams says that's because the global fur industry is primarily only interested in products that appear on the runways of Milan and Paris .

Belgium and Holland have passed legislation banning seal products, while Germany , Italy and Austria are drafting similar legislation.

The institute held a meeting today in St. John's with about 100 sealers to discuss the various challenges confronting their industry.

This year's hunt is expected to begin in March.

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