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I recently had a very emotional experience in red deer Alberta in regards to a stray 6 week old puppy I found. In the process I discovered Alberta has a horrible system when it comes to caring for strays. I was wondering if you would be able to give me any advise on how to go about setting up a private foundation in central Alberta where i could raise money to help care for the medical aid of people who rescue and bring strays into their homes. The animals are being left on sides of the road and no one is stepping up because of the costs and lack of help out here. And the only real places I could call weren't financially willing to help...they could only do placements. I found one amazing woman through a rescue that scrapped together $100.00 for me to help with costs, but the networks out here mainly only cover rescue not financial aid. The government has so many animals to deal with that they only spay and neuter and have to put down after 72 hrs, and aren't willing to pay for treatment of expensive diseases.....I am so emotionally raw right now, and would appreciate any help you can offer on information of how to set something up.

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