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anonymous communique (translation):

"Sabotage of the incarcerating society, in Pto.Montt, Chile

Brought together by affinity, the night and the desire to sabotage some of those responsible for the misery in which animals as well as ourselves are living, looking for a moment to humiliate them, to make them think, we went out at night a couple of days ago in the City of Puerto Montt (Chile), to break the silence and passivity that make us accomplices in the daily oppression, exploitation and domestication, which are in place due to the criminal complacency of society.

That is why we did the following:

- In an office of the despicable public prosecutor we painted 'Freedom for the prisoners in the bomb case (A)'
- In a place dedicated to the sale of animal corpses we sealed the locks and stained the facade with paint. They managed to open the place just at noon and the owners were still on their knees cleaning up our paint.
- We spilt our black and green paint on the facade of a place used for trading small animals to be used as 'pets' as well as cages and aquariums for them. It did not open the next day.
- City was painted with the message, 'Free prisoners in bomb case (A)'
- Filthy human indoctrination center (church) decorated with paint all over its facade.

In addition several parts of the city were painted with slogans like 'meat = death', 'respect for animals,' and 'animal liberation', among others.

With these actions we salute the eco-anarchist prisoners Adrian and Braulio kidnapped by the Mexican state and the anti-authoritarians and anarchists arrested on the fateful day of August 14, the result of the delusions and hallucinations of the public prosecutor, a miserable specimen known as 'jalandro.'

In these days of maddening holocaust against countless non-human animals we call on those sensitive individuals and those 'with blood in their veins' (as a prisoner of the 14-August) to confront this reality and stop all the bastards in white who trade in other beings' lives.

You do not need the approval of any organization nor any camouflaged leader to act, arm yourself with your desires, your conviction, your hate and get rid of anything that would stop you!

Alone or together, you choose where and how!

Human liberation and animal liberation, one slogan!

To disorganize and to act autonomously, anonymously and anarchically!

The revolution is here and now!

Down with all the walls of the prisons and the bars of the cages

From the other side, but locked up in the same jail
Frente de Liberacion Animal/Grupo Viva la Anarquia

'What the system fears are not the acts of sabotage in themselves
but rather that they will spread through society'"



"Sabotajes a la sociedad carcelaria en Pto.Montt, Chile

Convocadxs por la afinidad, la noche y el deseo de sabotear a unxs cuantos responsables de la misera que viven los animales y nosotrxs mismos, buscando por un momento humillarles y hacerles pensar, salimos a la calle en la noche un par de dias atras en la ciudad de Puerto Montt (Chile), para romper con el silencio y la pasividad que nos hace complices de la cotidiana opresion, explotacion y domesticacion, la cual tiene lugar con el beplacito criminal de la sociedad.

Es por esto que realizamos las siguientes acciones:

- En una oficina del despreciable Ministerio Publico rayamos 'Libertad a los presos del caso bombas ( A )'
- A un local dedicado a la venta de cadaveres de animales le sellamos los candados y manchamos con pintura su fachada. Recien al mediodia consiguieron abrir el local, hora en la que los due�os de este estaban de rodillas limpiando aun nuestra pintura.
- Escupimos nuestra pintura negra y verde en la fachada de un local utilizado para comerciar animales peque�os usados de 'mascotas' como jaulas y peceras para estxs. No abrio al dia siguiente.
- Ex municipalidad rayada con el mensaje 'Presos del caso bombas a la calle! ( A )'
- Inmunda centro de adoctrinamiento humano (iglesia) decorada con pintura en toda su fachada.

Ademas de rayar en varias partes de la ciudad consignas como 'carne = muerte', 'a lxs animales respeto', 'liberacion animal', entre otras.

Con estas acciones saludamos a los presxs ecoanarquistas Adrian y Braulio secuestradxs por el estado mexicano y a lxs anarquistas y antiautoritarixs detenidxs el fatidico 14 de agosto producto de los delirios y alucinaciones de un miserable especimen conocido como 'jalandro'.

En estos dias de desquiciado holocausto hacia incontables animales no-humanos llamamos a lxs individuxs sensibles y 'con sangre en las venas' (como decia un preso del 14-A) ante esta realidad a pararles los pies a todxs lxs bastardxs de blanco que comercian con vidas ajenas.

�No necesitas ni de la aprobacion de organizacion alguna ni menos de algun lider camuflado para actuar, armate con tus deseos, tu conviccion, tu odio y sacude lo que pueda detenerte!

�Solx o acompa�adx, las formas y lugares las escoges tu!

�Liberacion humana y liberacion animal, una sola consigna!

�A desorganizarse y actuar autonoma, anonima y anarquicamente!

�La revolucion es aqui y ahora!

Abajo todos los muros de las prisiones y las rejas de las jaulas

Desde el otro lado, pero encerradxs en la misma carcel
Frente de Liberacion Animal/Grupo Viva la Anarquia

'Lo que el sistema teme no son estos actos de sabotaje en sí mismos,
si no que se extiendan socialmente'"


received anonymously (translation):

"September 18 - On the 18th, the date that independence is celebrated in $hile with rituals involving the mass murder of millions of animals and bloody games like the rodeo, vegan activists jumped into the rodeo paralyzing the activities where they were competing for the cup in this so-called $hilen sport.

October 17 - We share news of the liberation of two pigs from a farm in the vicinity of Santiago by vegan activists with uncovered faces who liberated two pigs on Sunday, October 17th.

October 20 - Graffiti for animal liberation and for the freedom of imprisoned vegan and vegetarian anarchist comrades. October 20 in the shadows of the night in Santiago, we went out with stickers and our black cans to graffiti the dead walls of capitalism in this region of the world. There were more than 5 graffitis in different places.

We now announce the second international week for animal liberation, from Saturday, November 20th to Sunday, November 28th. All organizations and individuals around the world are invited to carry out all kinds of action for the spread of human and non-human liberation, as well as any protest against the exploiters of the Earth.
To light our souls in the struggle and to confront what oppresses, tortures and kills us.
Total Liberation."

"18 de septiembre � El 18 fecha que en $hile se celebran la independencia, con rituales de asesinato en masa de millones de animales y de juegos sangrientos como el rodeo , activistas veganos saltaron dentro del rodeo paralizando la actividad donde se disputaba la copa de este mal llamado deporte $hileno.

17 de octubre - Difundimos la acci�n de liberaci�n de dos cerditos de una granja en cercan�as de santiago a rostro descubierto activistas veganos liberaron a dos cerdos el pasado domingo 17 de octubre.

20 de octubre- Rallado por la liberaci�n animal y por la libertad de los compa�eros presos anarquistas veganos y vegetariano. 20 de octubre en la sombras de la noche en santiago chile salimos con stikers y nuestras latas negras a rallar las paredes muertas del capitalismo de esta regi�n del mundo, mas de 5 rallados en distintos lugares.

Anunciamos desde ya que desde el s�bado 20 al domingo 28 de noviembre se desarrollara la segunda semana internacional por la liberaci�n animal, toda organizaci�n, toda individualidad de todo el mundo, invitadas a realizar todo tipo de acci�n por la propagaci�n de la liberaci�n animal humana y no humana, como tambi�n toda manifestaci�n de protesta contra todo explotador de la Tierra.
A encender nuestra alma de lucha y enfrentarnos con lo que nos oprime, tortura y asesina.
Liberaci�n Total."


reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"On the night of June 18 we approached the Teletrak located at Apoquindo 4900; our goal? to instill fear in the humans who morbidly enjoy themselves at the expense of animal exploitation. Stealthy we approached and placed a hoax explosive device in one of the gates of the compound.

Our act is a direct threat to the large national and international corporations that reject human nature by putting it above our environment and the other species who inhabit the world. We despise the traditions that limit animals to live a reality that is for the benefit of humans ... circuses, rodeos, dog and horse races, and the meat-eating industry are just a few things formed in this society in which we unfortunately live. We recognize the exploitation of animals as one of the many strongholds that must be attacked and destroyed without mercy to make way for a life in harmony with the earth and other species ...

That these attacks multiply for human, animal and earth liberation ... fire to all the cages!!!!!

This act of revenge is in response to the call for an international week for animal liberation.

Informal Anarchist Band 'Barry Horne's revenge.'"

"La noche del 18 de junio nos acercamos al teletrak ubicado en apoquindo 4900, �nuestro objetivo?, infundir el miedo en humanos que morbosamente disfrutan a costa de la explotacion animal. Sigilosxs nos acercamos e instalamos un artefacto supuestamente explosivo en una de las puertas del recinto.

Nuestro acto es una amenaza directa a las grandes empresas nacionales e internacionales que desconocen la naturaleza humana poniendola por sobre nuestro entorno y las demas especies que habitan el mundo. Despreciamos las tradiciones que limitan a animales a vivir una realidad en beneficio del humano� circos, rodeos, carreras de perros y caballos, industria de alimentacion carnivora, son solo algunos actos que dan forma a la sociedad que desgradaciadamente nos toco vivir, reconocemos la explotacion la animal como uno de los tantos bastiones que se deben atacar y destruir sin piedad para dar paso a una vida en armonia con la tierra y las demas especies�

Que se multiplen los ataques por la liberacion humana, animal, y de la tierra� fuego a todas las jaulas!!!!!

Este acto de venganza responde al llamado de la semana internacional por la liberacion animal.

Banda Anarquista Informal 'la venganza de Barry Horne'."


reported anonymously (translation):

"In the early morning hours of Tuesday the 15th we quietly approached the McDonald's in the university district in downtown Santiago. With large stones we hit their reinforced glass door, but we couldn't break through it; nonetheless evidence of the attack could not be erased.
The place had already been attacked earlier by another cell which made it so that this murderous company had to strengthen its security, even putting up metal shutters.

McDonald's, a sponsor of the exploitation of humans, animals and the earth, will never stop being the target of attacks throughout the world. From spilled paint to glued locks, from stones to graffiti, from fire to bombs, all forms of sabotage have been used against them and each one of these actions give form to the total struggle, which is not partial to any one cause. People are not the only ones exploited by this system of domination; in the eyes of the powerful, everything is a resource from which you can make a profit.

This attack against McDonald's is carried out within the framework of the International Week for Human, Animal and Earth Liberation, from June 14 to 20, 2010.

Towards the total liberation of all those exploited!
In defense of wild life!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal.
Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra."

"La madrugada del martes 15 con sigilo nos acercamos al McDonald�s del barrio universitario en el centro de Santiago. Con grandes piedras golpeamos su gran puerta de cristal reforzado, la cual no pudimos derribar, sin embargo las huellas del ataque son imborrables.
Dicho local ya hab�a sido atacado con anterioridad por otra c�lula lo que hizo que esta asesina empresa reforzara su seguridad incluso poniendo cortinas met�licas.

McDonald�s patrocinador de la explotaci�n humana, animal y de la tierra jam�s dejara de ser blanco de ataques en todo el mundo, desde pintura derramada hasta candados sellados, de piedras hasta pintadas, de incendios hasta bombas, todas las formas de sabotaje han sido utilizadas en su contra y cada una de estas acciones son las que dan forma a una lucha total, la cual no parcializa ninguna causa. Las personas no son las �nicas explotadas por este sistema de dominaci�n, a los ojos del Poder todo es un recurso del cual se puede obtener alguna ganancia, alienante o comercial.

Este ataque a McDonald�s se enmarca en la Semana Internacional por la Liberaci�n Humana, Animal y de la Tierra, del 14 al 20 de Junio del 2010.

�Hacia la liberaci�n total de tod@s l@s explotad@s!
�En defensa de la vida salvaje!

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal.
Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra."


reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"On Monday night, June 14th, we loaded our backpacks with a dozen paint bombs which we were ready to launch after a short walk. Our objectives were three large advertisements: one from the 'I Drink Milk' campaign, another from the Army and the last from the chicken murdering company Ariztia. Although several of our paint bombs weren't successful in reaching their target because they bounced off, others did achieve their purpose, which was to sabotage the messages in these advertisements.

The milk industry is not as the companies like to present it, with happy cows, because they rob food from unweaned calves. Through systematic rape they are impregnated so that their babies can be taken away and killed for veal. Using hormones to greatly increase milk production, which will be used to feed human babies. After this when cows are no longer useful they are killed and replaced, just like an object. The same logic exists in the production of eggs and meat.
The military, police, security guards (private and municipal) and gendarmes, all of which function in support of the prevailing rule and are willing to defend with their lives each aspect of this system of exploitation. State assassins guard, strike, lock up, torture and murder for the benefit of just a few. A clear example of this are the beatings and killings at the hands of the military after the earthquake or the recent beating of a political prisoner at the hands of the gendarmerie. For all these reasons and more it was our choice to sabotage this propaganda of human and animal exploitation. This action is in support ofthe International Week for Animal Liberation.


"La noche del lunes 14 de junio cargamos nuestras mochilas con una decena de bombillas de pintura con las cuales a un rato de andar nos dispusimos a lanzar. Nuestros objetivos fueron 3 grandes pancartas publicitarias: una de la campa�a �Yo Tomo Leche�, otra del Ej�rcito y la �ltima de la empresa asesina de pollos Ariztia. Aunque varias de nuestras bombas de pintura no lograron su objetivo porque rebotaron, otras si pudieron dar con el prop�sito, que era sabotear el mensaje que estas publicitaban.

La industria de la leche no es como la pintan las empresas con vacas contentas, por que les roban la alimentaci�n de sus terneros. Mediante la violaci�n sistem�tica y peri�dica son pre�adas para luego arrebatarles sus bebes que a la ves son asesinados para hacer subproductos de terneros. Mediante hormonas incrementan en demas�a la producci�n de leche, la cual ser� para alimentar bebes humanos. Despu�s de esto cuando las vacas ya no son �tiles son asesinadas y reemplazadas, como un objeto. Misma l�gica existe en la producci�n de huevos y carne.
Militares, polic�as, vigilantes (privados y municipales) y gendarmes, todos funcionales a las l�gicas del poder imperante y dispuestos para defender con su vida cada arista de este sistema de explotaci�n. Sicarios del Estado que vigilando, golpeando, encerrando, torturando y asesinando en beneficio de unos pocos. Claro ejemplo de esto son las golpizas y muertes a manos de militares tras el terremoto o la reciente golpiza por manos de gendarmer�a a un prisionero pol�tico. Por estas razones y m�s es que nuestra elecci�n fue realizar sabotajes contra estas propagandas de la explotaci�n humana y animal. Esta acci�n es nuestra forma de adherir a la Semana Internacional por la Liberaci�n Animal.



reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"Last Thursday in the early morning hours we attacked a McDonald's located at the intersection of Pajaritos and Las Torres Avenues, in the Maip� area, with Molotov cocktails.
We threw about 10 bottles filled with sulfuric acid and gasoline, along with a self-igniting phosphorus mixture.
While we carried out the action, from the darkness of the pharmacy parking lot located at the side of the McDonald's, the guardians of order appeared, so we had to make a quick getaway. Despite all the police cars that were deployed, they couldn't get us. Unfortunately, they were able to get the flames under control.

With this incendiary gesture we wanted to remember our comrade Punky Mauri, fallen in combat on May 22, 2009, vindicating his actions we embrace him, and wish that the place had been completely destroyed.

We repudiate the daily torture that the prisons of the world carry out, as has been demonstrated in the recordings that were made at the prison in Villarrica, and with the same disgust we repudiate the announcement that more than 578 million was invested in surveillance cameras by the government to safeguard order.

We take advantage of this same fire to salute our comrade Estela Cortez imprisoned in Antofagasta, Axel Osorio, Karina Germano, and the 5 being prosecuted for attacking the Greek embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sergio Mar�a Stefani jailed in Italy, Marco Camenish imprisoned in Switzerland, Gabriel Pombo da Silva locked up in Achen, Germany, and all the prisoners who continue fighting.

We also want to encourage the flight of Diego R�os; it will soon be a year since his rebellious decision. We are also in solidarity with Diego Alonso who is on the run in Mexico.

At this time we give Esteban Huniguir all our strength, our comrade imprisoned in a high security prison, who a few days ago was tortured by the despicable gendarmes. They should know that he is not alone and that the beating that the uniform gave Esteban will be a call throughout the world to respond with energetic violence to the humiliations inflicted by the gendarmes.

We are in solidarity with Esteban through numerous actions, so that they will think it over a hundred times before touching our comrade. Now is the time!

For the destruction of the prison society

To ensure that anarchy survives"

"El jueves pasado en horas de la madrugada hemos atacado con bombas molotov un local de Mc Donald ubicado en la intersecci�n de Av. Pajaritos con Las Torres, comuna de Maipu.
Lanzamos alrededor de 10 botellas rellenas con acido sulf�rico, bencina y adosado al envase; cabezas de fosforo molida.
Mientras realiz�bamos la acci�n, desde la oscuridad del estacionamiento de la farmacia ubicada al lado, de dicho local Mc Donald, aparecieron los guardianes del orden, teniendo que hacer un repliegue r�pidamente del lugar. Pese a todas sus patrullas que desplegaron en el sector, no lograron dar con nosotrxs. Lamentablemente pudieron controlar las llamas evitando un incendio en aquel local.

Con este gesto incendiario hemos querido recordar a nuestro compa�ero Punky Mauri ca�do en combate el 22 de mayo del 2009, reivindicando su accionar abraz�ndolo y deseando que la destrucci�n de aquel local hubiese sido en su totalidad.

Repudiamos la tortura cotidiana que se lleva en las c�rceles del mundo, como lo han dejado demostrado en las grabaciones que se hicieron a la c�rcel de Villarrica, con el mismo asco repudiamos los m�s de 578 millones invertidos en c�maras de vigilancia anunciado por el gobierno para resguardar el orden.

Aprovechamos este mismo fuego para saludar a la compa�era Estela Cortez presa en Antofagasta, a Axel Osorio, a Karina Germano y a lxs 5 pocesadxs por atacar la embajada de Grecia en Bs As, Argentina. A Sergio Mar�a Stefani encarcelado en Italia, a Marco Camenish recluido en Suiza, a Gabriel Pombo da Silva encerrado en Achen, Alemania y a todxs lxs presxs que siguen en guerra.

Queremos tambi�n animar la fuga de Diego R�os que pronto cumplir� un a�o de su insurrecta decisi�n, al igual que solidarizamos con Diego Alonso que se dio a la fuga en M�xico.

En este momento damos mil fuerzas a Esteban Huniguir, compa�ero encarcelado en la c�rcel de alta seguridad y hace pocos d�as torturado por el despreciable personal de Gendarmer�a. Que sepan que no est� solo y que el combo que le propin� Esteban al uniformado sea un llamado a responder con en�rgica violencia las humillaciones propinados por gendarmer�a a lo largo del mundo.

A solidarizar con Esteban con las m�s m�ltiples acciones, para que se lo piensen cien veces antes de tocar a un compa�ero. Ahora es cuando!

Por la destrucci�n de la sociedad carcelaria

Procura que viva la anarqu�a"


reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"While thousands of people were beside themselves enjoying the World Cup and other idiocies, we with conviction and hatred in our hearts decided to carry out an attack against those responsible for exploitation in all its forms. With thousands of reasons for wanting to destroy the system imposed at the expense of human and animal suffering, around 10pm yesterday, June 10th, we started the fire that destroyed the cells of the Renca race track where greyhounds are imprisoned and forced to run so that the unscrupulous can enjoy themselves and place their dirty bets. This act is in revenge for all our brothers and sisters who are exploited and imprisoned throughout the world, and it is a threat to the powerful, including the mayor of this poor community.

These practices must stop because, with all the hatred in the world, very soon there will be even more of us; without fear we will enter into their lives and destroy their tranquility, to put an end to their damned social peace, because we are antiauthoritarians who do not work for their businesses, we do not buy their laws nor do we 'validate' their public transport system, we do not believe their lies and we do not celebrate their 'patriotic football' festivals.


"Mientras miles disfrutan enajenadxs el mundial y dem�s estupideces, habemos quienes con la convixi�n y el odio de nuestros corazones decidimos pasar al ataque contra lxs responsables de la explotaci�n en todas sus formas. Con una axi�n incendiaria y miles de razones para quere destruir el sistema impuesto a costa del sufrimiento humano y animal. Cerca de las 22hrs. de ayer 10 de junio dimos inicio al fuego que destruy� las celdas del canodromo de Renca donde perros galgos son encerrados y obligados a correr para que inescrupulosos disfruten y hagan sus sucias apuestas. Este acto es en venganza por todxs lxs hermanxs explotadxs y encarceladxs en todo el mundo y es una amenaza a lxs poderosxs incluida la se�ora alcaldesa de esta pobre comuna.

A parar con estas practicas por que pronto seremos muchxs mas quienes con todo el odio del mundo y sin miedo entraremos en sus vidas y romperemos con su tranquilidad para acabar con su maldita paz social, porque somos antiautoritarixs que no trabajamos sus empresas, no compramos sus leyes ni �validamos� su sitema de transporte publico, no creemos sus mentiras ni celebramos sus fiestas �patriotas futboleras�.


reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"Yesterday, June 2nd, we prepared ourselves for an attack on another bastion of this imprisoning society. We loaded our backpacks with masks, boltcutters, paint bombs, butyric acid, and with bicycles ready we hit the road armed with what is most feared by the system: conviction and the desire to destroy civilization.

We headed for the Pedro Aguirre Cerda area. We had been monitoring a butcher shop and we knew that the area was empty at night and the darkness was perfect for attacking.

We left a comrade watching the bikes and we headed toward the butcher shop. A comrade broke the padlock protecting the parking lot, and then with the aim of damaging the refrigeration system we quickly cut and smashed it into pieces, then the locks at the butcher shop were sealed.

Leaving the place, we sealed the rest of the padlocks and the locks on the front of the shop, then we emptied the butyric acid on the front of the building (anyone who knows this acid knows how horrible it is and how the smell persists) so that no one would be able to get close to change the locks.

The butcher shop had huge windows, which were destroyed and stained with green and black paint bombs.

Then we met up again with the comrade who was watching the bikes, and under the protection of darkness we left the area.

We dedicate this attack to the thousands of brothers and sisters who have fallen in action, to the prisoners of all species, to all our active comrades.

We express our solidarity with our comrade imprisoned in Holland, Renata Solazan, whose beliefs we share.

We also dedicate this attack to Mauricio Morales, our brother who fell in combat over a year ago.

Furthermore, we also succeeded in attacking three butcher shops in the areas of San Ram�n, San Miguel and San Joaqu�n (the San Miguel shop could not open until Wednesday).

For the destruction of civilization

Pride and arrogance in opposition to power

Prisoners of war, to the street

Mauricio Morales insurrectionalist band.
Cell of the Frente de Liberaci�n Animal for savage unrest"

"Ayer 2 de junio nos aprestamos a atacar otro basti�n de esta sociedad carcelaria, cargamos nuestras mochilas, con las capuchas, cizallas, bombas de pinturas, acido but�rico, con las bicicletas listas, emprendimos el camino con lo que mas teme este sistema armados con la convicci�n y las ganas de destruir esta civilizaci�n.

Nos dirigimos hacia la comuna de Pedro Aguirre Cerda, por las noches ya hab�amos realizado un seguimiento a un carnicer�a de la comuna y sab�amos que por las noches estaba se encontraba sola y la oscuridad del lugar era perfecta para atacar.

Dejamos a un compa cuidando las bicicletas y nos dirigimos hacia la carnicer�a. Un compa rompi� el candado que cuidaba el estacionamiento con el claro fin de hacer pedazo el sistema de refrigeraci�n, haciendo la corta en 30 segundos este se encontraba hecho trizas, luego sello las serraduras de la carnicer�a que se encontraban por dentro.

Salio del lugar, mientras el resto sell�bamos los candados y las cerraduras de la parte frontal, luego vaciamos el acido but�rico por la parte frontal del edificio (cualquiera que conoce este acido sabe lo horrible y persiste de su olor) con el fin de que no pudieran acercarse a cambiar las cerraduras.

La carnicer�a contaba con enormes vidrios, los que resultaron destruidos y manchados de color verde y negro por las bombas de pintura.

Luego nos reencontramos con el compa que cuidaba las bicis, y al amparo de la oscuridad abandonamos la comuna.

Dedicamos este ataque a los miles de hermanos ca�dos en combate, a los presos de todas las especies, a todos los compas activos.

Solidarizamos con la compa�era presa en holanda Renata Solazan, con la cual compartimos ideas.

Este ataque tanbien se lo dedicamos a Mauricio Morales nuestro hermano ca�do en combate hace m�s de un a�o.

Adem�s nos adjudicamos los ataques a tres carnicer�as de las comunas de San Ram�n, San Miguel y San Joaqu�n (el local de San Miguel no pudo abrir hasta el d�a mi�rcoles).

Por la destrucci�n de la civilizaci�n

Orgullo y arrogancia en contra del poder

Presxs en guerra a la kalle

Banda insurreccionalista Mauricio Morales.
C�lula del Frente de Liberaci�n Animal por el desbordamiento salvaje"


anonymous communique (translation):
"In the early morning hours of the last day of May we went to sabotage a business linked to the killing of animals. Cuero Bat ( is a company dedicated to manufacturing leather, especially from cows, producing around 360,000 skins per month.
Upon arriving there we quickly got to work. We began by scrawling in very large letters 'ANIMAL MURDERERS,' and an A in a circle with the logo of the FLA, just below the company logo for all the people who go by there to know what they are killing there. Then we threw red paint bombs on the facade of this cemetery, and finally we left three noise bombs made of muriatic acid and aluminum foil. Two on the roof and one on the front door and then we left.
There are many places (butchers, universities, farms, restaurants, etc.) where the exploitation and killing of animals is seen as something common in the eyes of selfish people who are full of greed, who justify slaughter in which 'the strongest step on the weakest;' it's in this way that they come to terms with their own inferiority.
We reject the principle of authority in theory and in practice, we respect each being who inhabits the Earth and we recognize ourselves as part of a whole that should be living in balance and coexistence. But we also know that there are some people who are determined to dominate and subjugate every living thing and every wild and natural habitat. We will never have respect for them and will target our actions at them and at their institutions. Actions as diverse and dispersed as possible.
We call on all our comrades to recognize in Animal Liberation their own liberation as well as the liberation of the Earth, and we call on them to undertake direct action in small, secure groups and with any tools they deem necessary. Comrades don't waste your efforts in organizations that only want you as just another number, as someone to hold a banner or as someone who will collect signatures for a bill; these organizations only serve as distractions from the real problems, authority and power. Animal Liberation will never be achieved through legislation because the powerful will never deny themselves power.
We dedicate these actions to the memory of our comrades who made their lives a tool of emancipation, carrying their ideas and practices to death as warriors do. For Barry Horne, Mar�a Soledad Rosas, Edoardo Massari (Baleno) and especially for our comrade Mauricio Morales who died one year ago ... These comrades and many more will never be forgotten!
For each living being of wild essence, for each natural habitat, for total liberation!
Until we are all free!
Frente de Liberaci�n Animal - Brigade for the fallen."
"La madrugada del �ltimo d�a de mayo fuimos a sabotear un negocio ligado a la matanza de animales. Cuero Bat ( es una empresa que se dedica a la fabricaci�n de pieles, especialmente de bovinos, produciendo alrededor de 360.000 pieles mensuales.
Al llegar al lugar r�pidamente actuamos, comenzamos por rayar con letras bien grandes �ASESINOS DE ANIMALES� justo abajo del logo de la empresa para que toda la gente que pase por ah� sepa que en ese lugar se mata, adem�s de rayar una A circulada con las siglas del FLA. Luego lanzamos bombas de pintura, de color roja, en la fachada de este cementerio y para terminar dejamos tres bombas de ruido, a base de acido muri�tico con aluminio. Dos en el techo y una en el port�n de entrada para luego marcharnos.
Muchos son los lugares (carnicer�as, universidades, granjas, restaurantes, etc.) donde la explotaci�n y el asesinato de animales es algo com�n a los ojos de seres ego�stas y llenos de codicia, justificando la masacre con que �el m�s fuerte pisa al m�s d�bil� y es as� como tambi�n asumen su inferioridad.
Negamos el principio de autoridad en la teor�a y la pr�ctica, respetamos a cada ser que en la Tierra habita y nos reconocemos como parte de un todo que deber�a vivir en equilibrio y convivencia. Pero tambi�n sabemos que hay quienes se empe�an en dominar y someter a cada ser vivo y cada entorno salvaje y natural, para ellos nunca tendremos respeto y hacia ellos y sus instituciones apuntaremos nuestras acciones. Acciones tan diversas y dispersas como sea posible.
Hacemos un llamado a tod@s l@s compa�er@s que reconozcan en la Liberaci�n Animal su propia liberaci�n as� como la de la Tierra, a que emprendan la acci�n directa en peque�os grupos de confianza y con las herramientas que estimen convenientes. Compa�er@s no gasten sus fuerzas en organizaciones que solo l@s quieren como un n�mero m�s, como alguien que afirma una pancarta o alguien que va a recolectar firmas para un proyecto de ley, estas organizaciones solo funcionan como distractores del real problema, la autoridad y el poder. La Liberaci�n Animal jam�s se conseguir� a trav�s de las leyes porque el poder nunca se negara as� mismo.
Estas acciones las dedicamos a la memoria de compa�er@s que hicieron de sus vidas una herramienta de emancipaci�n llevando sus ideas y practicas hasta la muerte como lo hacen l@s guerrer@s. Para Barry Horne, Mar�a Soledad Rosas, Edoardo Massari (Baleno) y especialmente para Mauricio Morales compa�ero muerto hace un a�o� Para est@s compa�e@s y much@s m�s nunca existir� el olvido!
Por cada ser vivo de esencia salvaje, por cada entorno natural, por la liberaci�n total!
Hasta que tod@s seamos libres!
Frente de Liberaci�n Animal � Brigada por l@s ca�d@s"


reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"In the early morning hours of May 24 we went to another center of animal exploitation: a hunting and fishing club.
We went with some stones and paint bombs. We threw the red paint bombs, leaving the walls covered. Then we threw stones at the windows, but this did not break them since they were protected by a screen. But in our hatred we wanted to hear the sound of broken glass, so after attacking the hunting and fishing club we attacked a McDonald's sign on a Transantiago bus stop.

When we were thinking of this action, we thought of dedicating it in memory of our comrade Mike Hill, who was killed by a hunter. But we decided to extend this action in memory of all our fallen comrades: Mike, Jill, Barry, Claudia L�pez, Jonny Cariqueo, Mauricio Morales and the many others who have fallen in this war; we recognize in them a life of struggle.
Each of them are present in every act.
A greeting to all our imprisoned comrades throughout the world and to all our clandestine comrades.

For the destruction of all cages and prisons
let's make war on society.

shadows in the dark"

"La madrugada del 24 de mayo nos dirigimos hacia otro centro de explotacion animal. El objetivo un club de caza y pesca.
Nos dirigimos al lugar con algunas piedras y bombas de pinturas, lanzamos las bombas de pinturas rojas quedando inpregnada en las paredes, luego lanzamos las piedras a los cristales, pero esto no se reventaron ya que estaba protejidos por una malla. pero nuestros odios querian escuchar el sonido de los cristales rotos, si que despues de atacar el club de caza y pesca arremetimos contra una propaganda de McDonalls en un paradero del Transantiago.

Cuando pensamos esta accion, pensamos en hacerla en memoria del compa�ero Mike Hill, asesinado por un cazador. Pero hemos decidido extender esta accion en recuerdo de todxs lxs compa�erxs caidxs: Mike, Jill, Barry, Claudia L�pez, Jonny Cariqueo, Mauricio Morales y a un sin fin de comap�erxs mas que calleron en esta guerra, donde reconocemos en ellxs una vida de lucha.
Todxs ellxs presentes en cada acto.
Un saludo fraterno a todxs lxs compa�erxs presxs del mundo y a lxs compa�erxs clandestinxs.

por la destruccion de todas las jaulas y carceles
hagamosle la guerra a la sociedad.

sombras en la oscuridad"


reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"On the cold morning of May 21 we destroyed the entrance of a McDonald's located in downtown Santiago in the university district.

The large glass door was scattered across the floor of this biocidal business. The loud noise forced our exit and we disappeared into the shadows.

The logic of capitalism is to profit at the cost of exploitation, whether it be over the Animals or the Earth.

Thousands of beings are destined from birth to a life of torture and to then end up on the table of selfish beings absorbed in consumerism, seeking happiness through credit cards and in possessing the material objects that give them social status.
The same thing happens with thousands of hectares full of wildlife, violated by destructive machines that tear up the Earth to expand murderous civilization.

Companies like McDonald's support and sustain the daily biocide that is killing the Earth. And we, warriors for the Animals and the Earth, cannot sit idly by. We must sabotage with stones, paint, fire... everything that can be used to carry out direct action against the exploiters. For our lives, for the lives of all exploited beings and for the life of the Earth, we will organize in small groups and we will do what we see fit.

A liberatory greeting to Marco, Silvia, Costantino, Luca, Sergio, Leo, Abraham, Adrian and Diego. Ecowarriors imprisoned in cages of murdererous States.

A fighting salute to our anarchist comrade Mauricio Morales, who died accidentally last year in an action against Dominion.

Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra
Frente de Liberaci�n Animal"

"La fr�a madrugada del 21 de Mayo destrozamos la entrada de un McDonald�s, ubicado en el centro de Santiago en el barrio universitario.

La gran puerta de vidrio quedo esparcida por todo el suelo de esta biocida empresa, el ruido fuerte ruido dio la partida y desaparecimos en las sombras.

La l�gica del capitalismo es obtener beneficios a costa de la explotaci�n sea esta sobre Animales o la Tierra.

Miles de seres destinados desde que nacen a una vida de tortura para luego acabar en la mesa de seres ego�stas absorbidos por el consumo, buscando una felicidad a trav�s de tarjetas de cr�dito poseyendo objetos materiales que le den un lugar en el estatus social.
Igual pasa con miles de hect�reas llenas de vida salvaje, violadas por maquinas destructoras que rasgan la Tierra para expandir la asesina civilizaci�n.

Empresas como McDonald�s apoyan y sustentan el biocido cotidiano que esta asesinando la Tierra. Y nosotrxs lxs guerrerxs por lxs Animales y la Tierra no podemos quedarnos de brazos cruzados. Saboteemos con piedras, pintura incendios� todo sirve para llevar a cabo la acci�n directa en contra de los explotadores. Por nuestras vidas, la de totxs lxs seres explotadxs y la de la Tierra, organic�monos en peque�os grupos de afines y hagamos lo que nos parezca oportuno.

Un saludo de libertad para Marco, Silvia, Costantino, Luca, Sergio, Leo, Abraham, Adrian y Diego. Ecoguerrerxs presxs en distintas jaulas de los Estados asesinos.

Un saludo de guerra para el compa�ero anarquista Mauricio Morales, quien hace un a�o muri� accidentalmente en una acci�n contra el Dominio.

Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra
Frente de Liberaci�n Animal"


anonymous report (translation):

"In the early morning hours of Monday, May 10, amid the pathetic noise this city generates, some woke up to go to work.
This particular morning was not going to be the best way to start the week for people in charge of three centers of exploitation.
We went to the area of Vicu�a Mackena 14, in the La Florida municipality in Santiago. A place full of shopping centers.
Speciesism, militarism and the meat industry were the objects of our condemnation.
We went to a recruiting office for the military and we blocked the door with glue and metal, we threw red paint as a small symbol of the amount of blood shed in the name of these law enforcement officials, and we scratched up its facade to tell them what they are: MURDERING SOLDIERS.
The infamy of what some people are capable of for power is reflected in what the state is and what its soldiers have done here as well as in the rest of the world.
Racism, torture, punishment and hierarchies are just some of the ideas supported by military recruiting centers. Obedience limits individual freedom, narrowing and transforming it into a mere illusion. It is in places like this in which being obedient conceals the true condition of the dominated under an unlimited number of medals, which are nothing more than ropes around their necks.

Walking through this night we also came to a Teletrak, sealing their doors and throwing red paint on the front of the place, including their lighted signs.
These places are popular with people who have completely twisted minds who see horse racing as just another pastime.
While they place their bets the idea that one day these creatures could run free fades away even more. In spending their money they demonstrate the monstrosity that places like these can be, in which horses are tortured, in which their basic instincts are subjugated and forgotten, in which they leave behind any memory of a wild past.

Finally, with an inexhaustible will to act and with the tools to do it we sabotaged a meat market called carnes RV, where behind the absurd idea of eating well lies the slaughter of the animals that they show mutilated behind their windows. Again we sealed up the entrance and we wrote across the facade:
'Meat = murder', 'murderers' and the symbol of the FLA.
It is horrible to think that even though these murderers are aware of the massacre that they carry out, they often take refuge in their own complacency by calling it just another job, when behind it they are profiting from death. And it is even more horrible that people who come to these places to shop do not have even the slightest awareness of the fact that they are endorsing the murder of hundreds of animals.
With these actions we remember Mauri, almost a year after his accidental death while on his way to attack authority. The authority from which animal and earth exploitation are derived.

Mauri is here.

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal."

"La madrugada del lunes 10 de mayo, en medio del pat�tico ruido que genera esta cuidad, se despiertan algunos para acudir a sus puestos de trabajo.
En este caso particular, la ma�ana no va a ser la mejor manera de empezar la semana para la gente que esta a cargo de estos tres centros de explotaci�n.
El sector al que acudimos se ubica en el paradero 14 de Vicu�a Mackena, en la comuna de la Florida. Lugar lleno de centros comerciales.
El especismo, el militarismo y la industria de carne fueron hoy objeto de nuestro repudio.
Nos dirigimos a la oficina del cart�n de reclutamiento militar del ej�rcito, bloqueamos la entrada con metal y pegamento, arrojamos pintura roja como una peque�a muestra de la cantidad de sangre derramada en nombre de estos agentes del orden, y rallamos su fachada para decirles lo que son: unos MILICOS ASESINOS.
La infamia de la que son capaces algunos por poder se refleja en lo que el estado y sus soldados han hecho tanto aqu� como en el resto del mundo.
Racismo, torturas, castigos y jerarqu�as son solo algunos de los tintes que se dejan entrever en centros de reclutamiento militar. La obediencia es el �nico factor que contiene la libertad individual, la coarta y la transforma en mera ilusi�n; es en lugares como este en que ser obediente solo esconde la verdadera condici�n de dominados bajo un sin numero de medallas, que no son nada mas que sogas al cuello.

De paseo por esa noche tambi�n llegamos a un Teletrak, sellando sus entradas y lanzando pintura roja en el frontis del lugar, incluyendo su iluminada propaganda.
Estos lugares son concurridos por personas con mentes complejamente retorcidas que ven las carreras de caballos como un pasatiempo m�s.
Mientras hacen sus apuestas se desvanece mas la idea de que alguna vez esas criaturas puedan correr libres. Gastando su dinero no hacen m�s que demostrar lo monstruoso que pueden ser lugares como estos, en que se tortura y adoctrina a los caballos, en que se someten y olvidan sus instintos b�sicos y en que se dejan atr�s cualquier memoria de un pasado salvaje.

Por ultimo, con la inagotable voluntad de accionar y aun con herramientas para hacerlo saboteamos una carnicer�a llamada carnes RV, que esconde bajo la absurda idea de una buena alimentaci�n, la masacre de animales que se muestran mutilados tras los cristales de sus vitrinas. Nuevamente sellando sus entradas, escribimos en toda su fachada:
'carne= asesinato', 'asesinos', y el s�mbolo del FLA.
Es horrible pensar que a pesar de que estos asesinos est�n concientes de la matanza que llevan a cabo, suelen refugiarse bajo su autocomplacencia para hacerlo llamar como un trabajo mas con el que pueden sustentarse, cuando en el fondo solo lucran de la muerte. Y es aun m�s horrible que las personas que acuden a estos lugares a comprar no tengas ni la m�s m�nima sensibilidad con el hecho de avalar el asesinato de cientos de animales.
Aprovechamos estas acciones para recordar a Mauri, a casi un a�o de su muerte accidental mientras se dirig�a atacar la autoridad. Autoridad de la cual derivan la explotaci�n animal y de la tierra.

Mauri presente.

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal."


reported anonymously (translation):

"On Wednesday, April 28, in broad daylight, we stoned a butcher shop on Alameda Street in downtown Santiago.

With faces masked and having scoped out the site ahead of time, we threw a large stone through the window where mutilated bodies were exhibited for sale. The murderers were stunned by the crash and couldn't bring themselves to try to come after us.

Thousands of animals are killed daily by the cattle industry, killed by human greed, supported by the idea that animals are resources for human benefit. But neither the false intentions hidden behind good eating, nor the will of a false god, justifies the daily genocide of the meat industry. That's why speciesism can only be sustained through authoritarianism, despite the toll it takes on some.

This is why we support and carry out direct action, making the work of murderers unpleasant. There are many ways that sabotage for animal liberation can be carried out; for example, on Sunday, May 2 we returned at night to the same butcher shop and sealed all the padlocks with pieces of metal and glue.

We carried out these actions in solidarity with our comrades imprisoned in prisons around the world, to give a supportive greeting to those who decided to make their ideas more than just words.

With Abraham L�pez, Adrian Magdaleno and Diego Alonso, environmentalist and vegan comrades imprisoned in Mexico accused of actions related to animal and earth liberation.
With Silvia Guerini, Costantino Ragusa and Luca Bernasconi, radical environmentalist and vegan comrades imprisoned in Switzerland, accused of wanting to sabotage a nano-technology research laboratory.
We also express our solidarity with 5 comrades arrested in Argentina for attacking the Greek embassy.

For the escape of all animals (humans included) from their cages!

Almost 1 year after the death of comrade Mauricio Morales we remember you, sabotaging the exploiters.


"El mi�rcoles 28 de Abril a plena luz del d�a apedreamos una carnicer�a en la calle Alameda, centro de Santiago.

Con la cara tapada y con la previa revisi�n del lugar lanzamos una gran piedra acertando en la vitrina que exhibe cuerpos mutilados a la venta. Los asesinos quedaron at�nitos ante el estruendo y ni siquiera se animaron a seguirnos.

Miles de animales son asesinados diariamente por la industria ganadera, asesinados por la codicia humana, abalada por la idea de que los animales son recursos para el beneficio humano. Ni las falsas intenciones que se esconden tras la buena alimentaci�n, ni la voluntad de un falso dios justifican el genocidio cotidiano de la industria de la carne. Es por eso que el especismo solo encuentra sustento en el autoritarismo, aunque a algunos les cueste asumirlo.

Es por esto que apoyamos y realizamos la acci�n directa, haciendo del trabajo de los asesinos algo desagradable. Muchas son las formas en que se pueden llevar a cabo sabotajes por la liberaci�n animal y es as� como el domingo 2 de Mayo en la noche, volvimos a visitar la misma carnicer�a y sellamos todos sus candados con trozos de metal y pegamento.

Estas acciones las realizamos en solidaridad con compa�erxs presxs en distintas c�rceles del mundo, buscando as� dar un saludo c�mplice a quienes decidieron hacer de sus ideas algo m�s que solo palabras.

Con Abraham L�pez, Adrian Magdaleno y Diego Alonso, compa�erxs ecologistas y veganos presos en M�xico acusados de acciones relacionadas con la liberaci�n animal y de la tierra.
Con Silvia Guerini, Costantino Ragusa y Luca Bernasconi, compa�erxs ecologistas radicales y veganxs presxs en Suiza acusadxs de querer sabotear un laboratorio de investigaci�n en nano-tecnolog�as.
Tambi�n solidarizamos con lxs 5 compa�erxs detenidxs en Argentina por atacar la embajada de Grecia.

Por la fuga de todxs lxs animales (humanos incluidxs) de sus jaulas!

A casi 1 a�o de la muerte del compa�ero Mauricio Morales te recordamos saboteando a los explotadores.



reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"Butchers, pet shops, cars and veterinarians were painted in solidarity with our comrades imprisoned in Mexico. To Abraham, Victor, Emanuel, Socorro, Adrian and Diego, from here we show our solidarity.

We also want to send a greeting to our comrade Diego Rios who continues to outsmart the authorities, laughing in their faces, and to all our comrades in battle around the world and to our nonhuman brothers and sisters imprisoned and killed by the speciesists. We also remember Maricio Morales, fallen in combat.

For the destruction of all cages
let us make war on society.

Celula por la liberacion total [Cell for total liberation]"

"Pintadas en carnicerias, tiendas de mascotas, autos y veterinarias en solidaridad con los compa�erxs presxs en Mexico. Abrahan, Victor, Emanuel, Socorro, Adrian y Diego desde ac� les enviamos un abrazo solidario.

Ademas queremos saludar al compa�ero Diego Rios que aun sigue vurlando la autoridad y riendose de ellos en la cara, a todxs los compa�erxs presxs en guerra del mundo y a nuestrxs hermanxs animales no humanxs presxs y asesinados por el especimo. Tambien recordar al compa�ero Maricio Morales, caido en combate.

Por la destruccion de todas las jaulas
hagamosle la guerra a la sociedad.

Celula por la liberacion total"


Parrilladas Argentina

Parrilladas Argentina

reported on Liberaci�n Total (translation):

"Sabotage against a meat restaurant and real estate office in Santiago, $hile

At dawn on Thursday, January 14, protected by the silence we went to a very popular place where meat is sold in Santiago called Parrilladas Argentina [Argentina Grill]. There they profit from the death of animals and also re-create with splendor the speciesist practice of eating corpses.
At this place, located on the main street of the capital, their windows were broken, red paint bombs were thrown and 'FLA' was graffitied on the facade.

A new construction real estate office also received a gift from us and was left with several of its windows shattered.
Our environment is increasingly infected by the expansion of civilization with buildings and asphalt that kill the earth. The way these companies are lining their pockets is through the destruction of ecosystems; because of this we desire only their destruction.

Sabotage against promoters of exploitation is an effective tool to confront the collapse of the environment and of those who inhabit it.
The constant threat unleashes chaos with the capacity to put an end to what oppresses us.

With these acts we salute our comrades Abraham L�pez and Fermin G�mez, caged by the Mexican State and Mat�as Castro, caged by the Chilean State. Strength comrades, we are brothers in ideas and practice, multiplying the actions.

'If you do not live like you think, you end up thinking as you live'


"Sabotajes a restaurant de carne y construcci�n inmobiliaria en Santiago, $hile

En la madrugada del jueves 14 de enero, cobijadxs por el silencio nos encaminamos a un local de venta de carne muy popular en santiago conocido como 'Parrilladas Argentina'. Ahi donde se lucra con la muerte de animales y adem�s se reproduce con esplendor la pr�ctica especista de comer cad�veres.
En el lugar, ubicado en la calle principal de la capital, se quebraron sus ventanales, se lanzaron bombas de pintura roja y adem�s se rayo 'FLA' en su fachada.

Tambi�n la oficina de una nueva construcci�n inmobiliaria, se llev� un regalo de nuestra parte y quedo con varias de sus ventanas destrozadas.
Nuestro entorno se ve cada vez mas infectado por la expanci�n de la civilizaci�n con edificaciones y asfalto que asesinan la tierra. La destrucci�n de ecosistemas es la forma en que estas empresas se llenan los bolsillos, por esto solo deseamos su destrucci�n.

El sabotaje contra los promotores de la explotaci�n, es una herramienta eficaz para frenar la debacle del entorno y de quienes en �l habitamos.
La costante amenaza desata el caos, capaz de acabar y alzarse contra lo que nos oprime.

Con estos actos saludamos a los compa�eros Abraham L�pez y Ferm�n G�mez, enjaulados por el Estado mexicano y a Mat�as Castro enjaulado por el Estado chileno. Fuerza compa�eros, desde aqu� nos hermanamos con sus ideas y pr�ctica, multiplicando las acciones.

'si no vives como piensas, acabaras pensando como vives'



anonymous communique (translation):

"On the night of Tuesday the 29th, we had been planning to attack the evil tranquility of some exploiters. That's why we left that night with what was needed to do it, rather than just sitting still with only the intention to do something.

The first thing we did was to go to the house of a murdering butcher (forgive the redundancy) where in the yard he kept a truck for transporting corpses, and we directed our rage at it. The lights in the house were off when we decided to act, spraying a very corrosive acid (which corrodes metal and plastic, among other things) on the windshield, part of the engine and two wheels; at the same time red paint was thrown on the large advertisement on the side, which advocated consumption of animals, leaving the truck completely ruined. The entry of the house was also stained with paint.

With the same anger we moved to a psychiatric clinic, which stood out because of some large windows which despite being reinforced, were smashed with stones, where it would remain until discovered by the executioners in white suits a few hours later.

Both attacks were aimed at the property of exploiters, agents/defenders of the domination and alienation, of some beings by/over others.

Authoritarian practices are found everywhere; you decide to be complacent or to attack them, making life an example through action.

These actions are a fraternal gesture for all our comrades in prison who are on hunger strike from December 20 to January 1, because the unwavering attitude of each of you fills us with pride and encourages us to undertake the offensive.

A greeting full of strength for all the wild and insurgent ones who have been (and will continue) acting in the territory named Mexico. Comrades continue attacking because in the war against domination we encourage and motivate one another with each action.

As we have already mentioned, each attack is in fighting memory of Mauricio Morales, comrade we continue to strike blows against the enemy.

Dear Diego, your absence from the cages fills us with happiness. Your fierceness and conviction give us the strength in this battle to the death. Continue forward comrade, each day that passes is a strike against power.

Banda Salvaje e Insurrecta en Guerra Contra la Dominaci�n [Wild and Insurgent Band at War Against Domination]"

"La noche del martes 29, ten�amos planificado atacar la maldita tranquilidad de algunos explotadores. Es por eso que salimos con lo necesario para llevarlo a cabo y no quedar solo con las intenciones.

Lo primero que hicimos fue dirigirnos a la casa de un carnicero asesino (valga la redundancia) donde en el patio guardaba un cami�n transportador de cad�veres, hacia el cual apuntamos nuestra rabia. Las luces de la casa ya estaban apagadas cuando decidimos actuar, roseamos un acido muy corrosivo (que corroe metal y pl�stico, entre otros) sobre el parabrisas, la parte del motor y dos ruedas laterales, al mismo tiempo se lanzaba pintura roja sobre la gran publicidad a un costado, la que incitaba al consumo de animales, dejando arruinado todo el cami�n. Tambi�n quedo manchada la entrada de la casa con pintura.

Con la misma rabia nos trasladamos a una Cl�nica Psiqui�trica, la cual lucia unos grandes ventanales que a pesar de estar reforzados, estos fueron reventados a piedrazos, en horas donde aun se encontraban los verdugos de traje blanco trabajando.

Ambos ataques fueron apuntados contra propiedad de explotadores, gestores/defensores de la dominaci�n y la alienaci�n, de unos seres por sobre otros.

Las pr�cticas autoritarias se encuentran por todos lados, t� decides, ser c�mplice o atacarlas, haciendo de la vida una propaganda por el hecho.

Estas acciones son un gesto fraterno para todas/os las/os compa�eras/os presas/os que se encuentra en huelga de hambre del 20 de diciembre al 1 de enero, porque la actitud inquebrantable de cada una/o de ustedes nos llena de orgullo y nos anima a emprender la ofensiva.

Un saludo lleno de fuerza para todas/os las/os salvajes e insurrectas/os que han (y seguir�n) accionando en el territorio denominado, m�xico. A seguir atacando compa�eras/os que en la guerra contra la dominaci�n nos animamos y reconocemos en cada acci�n.

Como ya lo hab�amos mencionado antes, cada ataque va a la memoria guerrera de Mauricio Morales, compa�ero aqu� seguimos buscando acertar golpes contra el enemigo.

Querido Diego, tu ausencia en las jaulas nos llena de alegr�a. Tu fiereza y convicci�n nos da fuerza en esta guerra a muerte. Adelante compa�ero cada d�a que pasa en un golpe contra el poder.

Banda Salvaje e Insurrecta en Guerra Contra la Dominaci�n"

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