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received anonymously (translation):

"The current SAG [Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero = Agriculture and Livestock Service] exhibition in the Valparaiso Museum of Natural History is a tribute to how science views the world dismembered, and how it makes its hypothetical methods real by playing with dead bodies, immortalizing in others the darkest part of the human being: their thirst for knowledge, violating fundamental laws of respect. What disturbed morbidity do they try to provoke in children? Will we dismember nature in order to experience it?

The display cases that they have filled with dead animals are disgusting, and not because of the animal's bodies, but because of their morbid form of displaying them. The idiot who founded taxidermy like other scientists was motivated by an obsessive type of knowing. Scientists know: a body doesn't need to be opened to understand its inner workings; there are other ways of understanding reality such as contemplation, personal relationships, interactions and more. They should also know that their concept of health will never be healthy while there is someone trapped in their fucking cages or in those jars of toxic liquid. These 'specimens' that are in the 'main room' are an insult to the earth.

Why encourage with images something that they supposedly prohibit? What is the difference between the cadavers they say were confiscated at the border and the chinchilla fur farms (for example) that SAG authorizes and protects in export? Is it the revenue? Or is it that they need to prohibit something in order to justify the useless work that the state gives them, so that each SAG worker can take bread to his family table stained with blood and suffering.

This attack brings to life our hatred of the SAG, for being the state organization responsible for animal handling, transport of laboratory animals, weak oversight of slaughterhouses, zoos and animal fairs, for perpetuating its 'normal' functioning of sales of blood per liter, and for having their own breeding vivarium. These little known facts must be attacked, they should know that there are those who are opposed to this slaughter and this way of knowing the lives of the other species.

Finally, it's good to clarify the fact that the fire that was started frees an ancient curse. Vibrations of those dead animals and the pain of captivity remain forever attached to those who have manipulated them. Because we are the ones who daily watch their acts of vandalism against respect for living things. You will never be forgiven and you know it, because each of you lives a life of shit and you know it. Sooner or later you will pay for your putrid acts. Until then!

If you don't want to share the earth, you will have to die!

Animal, human and earth liberation

ps: thanks for putting your disgusting exhibition in a building owned by the state."


"la exposición actual del sag del museo de historia natural de valparaiso es un tributo a como la ciencia sabe lucirse con sus descuartizamientos. y a como hace verídicos sus métodos hipotertricos jugando con cuerpos ajenos muertos inmortalizando en otros lo mas oscuro del ser humano: su sed de conocer transgrediendo leyes de respeto. ¿que perturbada morbosidad pretenden provocar en los niños? ¿descuartizaremos para conocer la naturaleza?

esa cajonera que tienen llena de animales muertos es un asco, y no por el cuerpo del animal, sino por su morbosa forma de almacenamiento. el imbecil que fundo la taxidermia al igual que otros cientificops eran motivados por una obsesiva forma de conocer. sépanlo científicos: un cuerpo no necesita ser abierto para conocer su funcionamiento interno, hay mas formas de conocer la realidad como la contemplación, la relación personal, la interacción y mas. sepan también que su concepción de salud jamas sera sana mientras quede alguien encerrado en sus putas jaulas o en esos tarros de liquido inhóspito. esos 'ejemplares' que tienen en la 'sala principal' son un insulto a la tierra.

¿porque incentivan con la imagen algo que supuestamente prohíben? ¿cual es la diferencia entre los cadáveres que dicen confiscar en la frontera y los de los criaderos de piel de chinchilla (por ejemplo) que ustedes como sag autorizan protejen y cooperan en la exportación? ¿el impuesto al fisco? ¿o es que necesitan prohibir algo para justificar el trabajo inútil que el estado les dio? para que cada trabajador del sag lleve el pan a su mesa familiar manchado de sangre y sufrimiento ajeno.

este ataque manifiesta las pésimas voluntades que han sido enviadas hacia el sag por ser la organización estatal responsable del manejo de animales, del transporte de animales de laboratorio, de fiscalizar positivamente a mataderos, zoológicos y ferias de animales perpetuando su 'normal' funcionamiento, de ventas de sangre por litro, de tener un bioterio de cria propio. estos hechos poco divulgados deben ser atacados, sepan que hay quienes se oponen a esta masacre y a esta forma de conocer la vida de las otras especies que vivimos por aca.

por ultimo esta bueno aclarar que el hecho de que el fuego haya sido iniciado libera una maldición antigua. las vibraciones de esos animales muertos y el dolor del cautiverio quedaran eternamente estancados contra quienes los manipulan. por que habemos quienes acechando cotidianamente sus actos vandalicos contra el respeto de los seres vivientes. jamas serán perdonados y lo saben, porque cada uno de ustedes lleva una vida de mierda y lo saben. tarde o temprano les llegara la cuenta de sus pútridos actos. hasta entonces!

si no quieren convivir tendrán que morir!

liberación animal, humana y de la tierra

pd: gracias por poner su asquerosa exposición en un edificio propiedad del estado.


reported on (translation):

"Direct action in Chile. Beware, we are everywhere...

'Animals are not goods for consumption' painted on a butcher shop... and 'life cannot be bought' on a 'pet' store.

health and anarchy!"

"Acci�n directa en Chile. Cuidado, estamos por todas partes...

La de 'los animales no son bienes de consumo' es a una carniceria... y la otra 'la vida no se compra' es a una tienda de 'ascotas'.

salud y anarquia!!!"


anonymous report, from Liberacion Total (translation by War on Society):

"In the early hours of this Thursday [February 28th] we set fire to a truck located outside of the Sodimac Homecenter [1] in Temuco, and the fire spread thanks to some pallets.

Then in the early hours of Saturday [March 2nd] we placed an explosive/incendiary device outside of the Prison Guards' Regional Office, which did not explode but fulfilled the aim of terrifying these scum, stranglers of freedom, servants of the fucking authority that makes slaves of us and the animals; with these actions we show once again that we are able to break the chains, that emotions are stronger than fear.

These attacks do not come out of thin air, they are part of a war that they declared against us before our births, before which we do not intend to remain passive. The flame of insurrection will continue to burn and we will remain indomitable before those who try to domesticate us, and we will not allow businesses like Homecenter to do that to our animal brothers and sisters.*

Much more will burn in La Araucan�a, just like Luchsinger. [2]

C.N.I. (Incendiary Nomad Cell)"

"La madrugada de este jueves [28/2] prendimos fuego a un cami�n ubicado en las afueras del Homecenter Sodimac de Temuco, cuyo fuego se propag� gracias a unos pallets.

Luego la madrugada del d�a s�bado [2/3] colocamos un artefacto explosivo/incendiario en las afueras de la Direcci�n Regional de Gendarmer�a, el cual no explot� pero cumpli� el objetivo de atemorizar a esas ratas coartadoras de libertad, siervos de la maldita autoridad que hace de nosotrxs y los animales esclavos, con estos actos demostramos una vez m�s ke somos capaces de romper las cadenas, ke el sentimiento es m�s fuerte ke el miedo.

No se trata de ataques en el aire, sino ke forman parte de una guerra ke nos declararon antes de nacer frente a la cual no pensamos kedarnos pasivos. Seguir� ardiendo la llama de la insurrecci�n y continuaremos indomables frente a kienes intentan domesticarnos, tampoco permitirimos ke empresas como Homecenter hagan eso con nuestros hermanos animales.

Mucho m�s arder� en La Araucan�a, al igual que Luchsinger.

C.N.I. (C�lula N�made Incendiaria)"

1. The Sodimac Homecenter is known for keeping puppies and other animals for sale in horrible conditions.
2. Werner Luchsinger and Vivian McKay, large landowners, were killed in an arson of their home by Mapuche warriors in January.


anonymous report, from Liberacion Total (translation by War on Society):

"'In the permanent practice
of subversion for the Social War'

The ultra-patriotic German Friedrich Grob Besler... settled (in lands
expropriated after the Pacification of La Araukan�a!!! [1]) and was received
by the Chilean State and the Patriotic Leagues of Chile as a settler of
the La Uni�n commune in the de Los R�os region. The usurpation of these
lands was started more than seventy years ago through the violent and
continual process of several decades, the principle persons responsible
being Augusto and Te�filo Grob, grandfather and father of Augusto Grob
Fuchs--current president of Col�n, and of Roberto Grob Fuch--Councilman and
pre-candidate for the local Magistrate of La Uni�n with the fascist party
Alliance for Chile, the gangs of Hector Caro, Augusto Pinochet and by the
so-called 'democratic governments' exercising the STATE OF RIGHT!!!

In those lands, the powerful Grob empire established itself: the Te�filo
Grob S.A. Industrial Society, COL�N Agricultural and Dairy Cooperative, El
Pilar Agriculture and Ranching Business, among many others.

This is why we attacked COL�N, a capitalist business and enemy of the
Mapuche people and of all the exploited of the world!!!

We think that solidarity only exists in the action itself that oversteps
legality and brings back the enemy of all authority!!! Making their social
peace explode in a matter of seconds.

We are enemies of the Chilean State and of all States without exception,
and we will not tire until we live in a world without nations, borders, or
anything that makes us rot.

We greet all the dignified prisoners of the prison world who with
determination and bravery resists regimes of annihilation. Especially
Stefano Fosco and Elisa Di Bernardo, anarchists imprisoned by the Italian
State, actively in solidarity with the Mapuche People.

To the prisoners of the Security Case: Freddy, Marcelo and Juan. In memory
of Mat�as Catrileo. Freedom to Celestino C�rdova[2]!!! And to the
beautiful flight of Hans Niemeyer.

Amulepe Tai� Weychan [3]
Our Struggle Continues

For the Global Human community
For Total Liberation.

With all the magic of the South [4],
Fracci�n Heterog�nea de Weichafes Libertarios - FHWL
[Heterogeneous Faction of Libertarian Weichafes [5] - HFLW]"

Translation Notes:
1: Pacification of La Araucan�a.
2: The only person arrested after arson to a mansion and execution of the large landowning Luchsinger McKayen family in the town of Vilc�n, Araucan�a region. Celestino was found shot and wounded 600 meters from the attack and is now in jail charged with arson and murder.
3: Expression in Mapudungun of the Mapuche warrior, meaning "Our Struggle
4: This company has the tagline "Col�n ... all the magic of the South", in
relation to its products (made ​​with a base of environmental destruction
and animal abuse) being the essence of southern Chile.
5: Mapudungun, meaning "Warriors".



anonymous report, from Liberacion Total (translation by War on Society):

"We claim responsibility for the explosive attack on the offices of Agrosuper on the 2 of January 2013 at 11:30 pm, on 18 and 10 de Julio streets in central Santiago. Direct attack against the bourgeoisie and those that support them. We chose to target this holding company because they control agribusiness and are owned by Gonzalo Vial, a business man who accrued much of his fortune during the Pinochet dictatorship. We salute the resolute stance of the people of Freirina who continue resistance in Vial's whimsical swine-opolis. The bomb and its shrapnel are a clear message to you, Vial: 'We have you in our sights.'

5 years after the assassination of Waichafe Mat�as Catrileo- your death was not in vain: hate and vengeance for the murderous pigs!!!

Freedom for the Caso Security prisoners!!!

-Mauricio Morales Incendiary Brigade."

"Nos adjudicamos el atentado explosivo en las Oficinas de Agrosuper el d�a 2 de Enero del 2012, a las 23:30 hrs en las calles 18 y 10 de Julio en la comuna de Santiago Centro. Ataque frontal a la burguesia y sus sostenedores. Elegimos como objetivo este holding ya que es quien controla la industria agroalimentaria, perteneciente a Gonzalo Vial, empresario que acumul� gran parte de su fortuna en la dictadura de Pinochet. Saludamos la actitud decidida y combativa del pueblo de Freirina quienes resisten en la caprichosa cerdopolis de Vial. El estallido y sus esquirlas son un claro mensaje para ti Vial: �Te tenemos en la mira�.

A los 5 a�os del asesinato del Waichafe Mat�as Catrileo. Tu muerte no es en vano: Odio y venganza a los pacos asesinos!!!
Libertad a los presos del Caso Security!!!

Brigadas Incendiarias Mauricio Morales."

Note: Agrosuper is the largest meat processing company in Chile and one of the largest in South America. In September 2011, a homemade bomb exploded outside the same building. (photo:

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