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watch-v=ZE_sy17OaFY - The Forgotten Disaster, Chile Animal Relief Needs Help


"I AM HERE" An Urban Intervention To Make The Invisible Visible - July 2013

Another beautiful anti-fur protest in Chile. Great Performance!

Defensa Animal vegetal Cara a Cara con Lady Gaga - November 2012

Chilean "Animal Libre" Against Rodeo Violence- September 2012

Help for New Shelter in Chile - April 2012

17yo girl protesting animal cruelty at rodeo is roped, dragged like animal - Sept 2010

Animal Protection - June 2009

Protest Photos, before January 2009

Petition and Video - Jan 08

Four Meat Shops and a Bird Shop Attacked - March 2007

Puppy in Shelter - March 2007

Bullfight Protest - June 2006

March 2007. The Animal Liberation Front made its debut this week in Temuco, capital of the 9th administrative region (north to south) of Chile.

A communiqué posted on a Spanish animal rights website on 14th March stated that 4 meat shops and a shop selling birds were targeted. According to the communiqué, the fronts of all of the shops were damaged and one of the meat shops had its windows damaged. Window and door locks were also glued shut.

The activists called the attacks "completely successful" and their communiqué stated, "We want every fighter to know that the struggle is also taking place at the ends of the earth."

There were no reports of the attacks in the Chilean media and it is unknown how police are treating these new actions.

Chile has several small grassroots and large national animal rights organisations, including Animanaturalis , which campaigns in many Spanish-speaking countries including Spain, and Derechos Animales , a group based in Santiago.

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