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As part of the development of the new InterNICHE website, various former
news reports and other content are being uploaded to the beta version of
the website. The following link goes to the news report about InterNICHE
alternatives outreach in China, which had limited dissemination before.

The text of the news report is below.

An alternative China: Focus on replacement at Asia for Animals conference

Animal experimentation and alternatives addressed for first time at major
Chinese conference

The first major presentation on replacement alternatives in China and the
first InterNICHE visit to the country took place in June 2011. In its
first venture into the topic of animal experimentation, the Asia for
Animals (AfA) conference invited InterNICHE Coordinator Nick Jukes to
give an extended presentation at the event held in Chengdu, Sichuan
Province. Over 400 animal welfare and rights delegates from across Asia
and beyond attended a very successful event in a very challenging country.

The animal experimentation session at AfA was co-chaired by Dr Andrew
Rowan from the Humane Society International (HSI). Addressing alternatives
in research and testing, with a special focus on toxicity studies, he
described important progress towards humane science and improved consumer
safety. Nick gave a 2-hour presentation about humane alternatives in
education and training, and demonstrated a range of exemplary tools from
across the disciplines.

The talk gave an overview of the field and aimed to empower the delegates
to begin facilitating the process of replacement of animal experiments in
education and training. Many were not aware of the feasibility and
potential of full replacement, nor familiar with the resources and
experience available to help achieve it. Starting their involvement from a
position of replacement will enhance the effectiveness of the movement for
alternatives as it grows in China and across Asia. A new engagement in
humane education will also lead to greater confidence in addressing
alternatives in research and testing.

A small Multimedia Exhibition from InterNICHE, held throughout the event,
gave the opportunity for more hands-on trial of alternatives, for
distribution of literature, and to discuss and network widely. The
extended Animals Asia network helped connect InterNICHE to new groups from
across Asia who are keen to collaborate with new campaigns and to organise
outreach and alternatives seminars. Levels of cruelty are high in the
region: in a recent case in China, middle school students cut off the fins
of live goldfish in order to observe changes in the balancing process.

A promising development is the interest in alternatives from new China
Veterinary Medical Association. Members were at the AfA conference and
attended the InterNICHE talk, and Nick travelled to Beijing to meet their
Committee. The result was very positive: it was felt that replacement is
possible, that training through alternatives can be superior to that
through animal experiments, and that the development of alternatives can
support economic development.

An even greater focus on replacement alternatives is scheduled for the
next AfA conference, to be held in Singapore in early 2012. This will
further establish animal experimentation as an important topic to be
addressed in the region, and allow for the development of more
collaborative projects between InterNICHE and national animal protection

InterNICHE gratefully acknowledges the Anti-Vivisection Union (South
Australia) and the International Association Against Painful Experiments
on Animals (IAAPEA) for their support for the outreach.

Animals Asia can be reached at

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