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Watch "The Performance" – and help Animals Asia stop the cruelty
Dear Sheila,

Over the past 12 months, our Chinese investigative team and I have visited 13 zoos and safari parks around China, documenting the abuse and neglect of wild and endangered animals. Now with the help of Environment Films, we have created a short documentary from the footage taken at these facilities.

With music by Moby and narration by former hostage Terry Waite MBE, “The Performance” is a moving account of the horrible abuse suffered by animals forced to perform for the entertainment of people. Please watch "The Performance" and send the link to your family and friends – we need to spread the message far and wide that animals in China’s zoos need our help. The barbaric treatment of animals during these circus-style performances and the appalling living conditions they are forced to endure is truly heartbreaking.

Tigers and lions with their teeth and claws ripped out and bears with metal rings through their noses, forced to ride motorbikes, perform acrobatics and "box" each other while being beaten with sticks and punched; elephants forced to stand on their heads and walk on their back legs, tigers and bears made to ride on the back of horses, and monkeys forced into riding bicycles are all common at zoos and safari parks across the country.

Once the performance ends the cruelty continues with animals housed in tiny cages, alone and in the dark, with little food and water. Please read more in our full report.

Animals Asia is delighted to have partnered with the independent production company, Environment Films www.environmentfilm, to produce "The Performance" from our footage of the appalling animal performances we filmed earlier this year. The film documents the humiliation of the tricks, the cruel treatment of the animals, and the appalling living conditions these animals endure throughout their miserable lives. To view the film, click BUTTON:

Animals Asia continues to work towards a day when people in China turn their backs on this barbaric animal cruelty and animals will no longer suffer in the name of entertainment. Your continued support will help us reach this goal. Please click on the button below and help us end this cruelty.

Thank you for your continued support for the animals of Asia.

David Neale
Animal Welfare Director
Animals Asia Foundation

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