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Charitable Auction, 2007

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We sincerely invite you to join our "heart of peace" large-scale charitable sale. This charitable sale is major aimed at spreading the idea that PingAn A Fu preached all along, that is "cherish life, protect animal, oppose cruel killing and peaceful to get along with animals". We wish to earn broader society concern and support, unit more kind and upright people to participating in the protection for companion animal together.

There will be more than hundred pieces of auction articles in this "heart of peace" charitable sale. All the auction articles are donated from PingAn A Fu volunteers and society kind people. The articles will be auctioned mostly and some pieces will be sailed at fixed price. All the incomes will be used for the help and medical treatment of homeless animals and the daily lift expense of homeless pet living at TangQuan base.

We sincerely anticipate and welcome your arrival. Let�s make our efforts together to create the civilized, harmonious, healthy community environment!

Let�s use our love and care to support a bright blue sky for the companion animals!

Time 3:00pm at January 3rd , 2007

PlaceNo.118, HanZhongMen street, FengXi hotel( feast Hall )

( Thanks for Nanjing FengXi Hotel offering sales place free of charge)

The auctioned articles of this charitable sale include cherished handicraft, exquisite jewels, beautiful daily-usage articles with good quality, cosmetics, cute toys, instrument, electric appliances, adornment, and also many small articles looks common but with deep love.

We hope these articles can have opportunities to be with you, and you would be highly appreciated and blessed for your kindness and amity.

(Display part of auctioned articles)


In the morning of Jan. 3rd, the volunteers finished on-site decorating

The volunteers is putting articles for sale in order


Many society people joined this charitable sale

Issue the volunteer image ambassador and animal image ambassador certificate of Ping An A Fu succor organization for companion animals.

Animal image ambassador "WuKong" also took the responsibility of collecting auction money all around the hall.

Ms.Ha Wenjin, the creator of Ping An A Fu succor organization for companion animals, is addressing speech.

Ms.Sharon Warner from America also offered great help for this charitable sale

Famous singer sang for this charitable sale free of charge.

The young volunteers contribute their own strength for companion animal with their enthusiasm and love.


This auction achieved perfect success, which gained more than RMB30,000 from auction and RMB800 from sales. This success render a signal that Chinese society with younger as core force is starting attach more importance on animal right.

It�s convinced that the idea of cherishing animal and being a friend with animal is being accepted widely by Chinese society.

Photos and texts: Yan Ling,, Pan Chao, Wang Xiaoyang, Ann Wang

Translator: Lily

All rights reserved by Ping An A Fu succor organization


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