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Dec 2016. China's growing animal rights movement is calling for change "China is the only major industrialised nation without major legislation against animal cruelty, but a growing number of campaigners hope to change this" "Wearing fake fur animal suits, chains and masks, the men, women and children – members of Freedom for Animal Actors (FAA) – protest outside the Beijing Workers’ Stadium. “I’m a monkey, chained, starved and beaten to learn to perform unnatural tricks. If you love me, don’t see my performance,” they chant in the video, as they try to deter people from attending a circus in the stadium. "FAA is one of a growing number of grass-roots animal welfare groups sprouting up in China, where the scene is very different from the one recalled by Jill Robinson, founder of Hong Kong-based Animals Asia." - Blog of Chinese Heroes
Chinese language video promotes vegetarian Mondays: cn:80/b/27044160 -1341563274. html

Animal Voice of Taiwan, publishes four times a year, and is posted online. Their website is:

Animal Agenda Published in Chinese:

China Cracks Down on Abuse at Animal Parks, Dec 2010:

Elderly Woman Spends Her Savings To Rescue Dogs From Butcher - June 2015
Chinese animal activists confront the dog meat trade - Dec 2014
Chinese charities tell government "We can help" - Nov 2014
Dog Rescue - August 2014
First Joint US/China Animal Law Forum - June 2014
Conference on Animal Welfare in mainland China and Taiwan - April 2014
Zoo Teams Up to Highlight Animal Mistreatment at Shows - April 2014
China's Chicken Factory Workers Can't Leave - April 2014
1st Annual Conference on AW in China and Taiwan - March 2014
Animal welfare set to become key part of China's vet training - Feb 2014
China's vegetarian population touches 50 million - Feb 2014
Activists in Wuhan block truck carrying 2,800 cats headed for Guangxi - January 2014
Chinese AR campaigners lambast cat and dog meat trade - Nov 2013
November 2013: Animal Asia Founder Wins People's Choice Awards:�s-people�s-choice-award.html
ARAs Notch Another Victory in China - Oct 2013
Animal carnival shut down by Chinese people power - Oct 2013
The Elephant Girl - Celia Ho - Sept 2013
Hundreds turn out for vigil against animal slaughter - August 2013
Powerful Posters Bring Wildlife Protection Message to Millions on Shanghai Metro - July 2013
China ARAs rescue hundreds of dogs before dog meat festival - June 2013
China's growing vegetarian community now larger than in U.S. - June 2013
Activists Rose Up Against Cruelty - May 2013
Animal welfare activists in China rise up against cruelty - May 2013
China's Leading Actress Visits Kenya to Save Elephants - May 2013
Shin Band Against Bear Bile Farming - April 2013
Inside China's Dog Abattoirs - April 2013
Chinese activists stop truck carrying 900 dogs to slaughter - March 2013
China's Progress made in fight against wildlife crime - March 2013
Chongqing Dog Rescue - March 2013
1000 Cats Saved from Chinese Dining Table - Jan 2013
Xiamen Int'l Vegetarian Food Fair to be on Oct 10, 2013 - Jan 2013
Shanghai Cat Rescue - December 2012
(China) Rules Promote Livestock Rights - November 2012
China Non-Animal Testing Training - November 2012
A Champion of Elephants - November 2012
Animal Rights in China - Peter Li - November 2012
Firm cancels investment in Jiangxi foie gras farm - October 2012
Yinchaun Dogs Saved from Slaughter - September 2012
Things Chinese Do to Dogs Besides Eating Them - September 2012
Anti-fur children's book by Rosa Close - Now in Chinese, Sept 2012
800 Cats Rescued in Tianjin - September 2012
Chengdu Dog Rescue-200 caged dogs just been rescued - August 2012
China Poised to Accept Non-Animal Test Method for Cosmetics - July 2012
China ARAs Stop Truck with Dogs to Slaughter - July 2012
Artist kneeling in front of slaughtered dogs in China! - June 2012
Chinese Veggie Persuasion - June 2012
China Poised to Accept First-Ever Non-Animal Test Method for Cosmetics - May 2012
Foie Gras Operations Suspension - May 2012
April 20th 500 caged dogs rescued in Kunming China - April 2012
China AR Groups Seek Performance Ban - April 2012
Macau's Canidrome greyhound track is targeted by animal rights groups - April 2012
Chinese animal rights activism - April 2012
Headed For The Butcher, Chinese Dogs Are Rescued - March 2012
Chinese websites ban sale of bear gall, shark fins - March 2012
China: The fur and the furious - March 2012
China's AR movement gets boost from stars like Yao Ming - Feb 2012
Finally, Outrage in China Over Bear Farming - Feb 2012
Drug Firm Draws Fire from ARAs - February 2012
(CN) Animal rights advocates oppose IPO - February 2012
Mercy in a Man-Eat-Dog World - February 2012
Bears Committing Suicide to Escape Bile Farm Horrors? - February 2012
1,000 dogs saved from dining tables - January 2012
   Chinese Blogger Saves More Than 1,000 Dogs From Being Eaten - 1/12
Man strips naked and cages himself to protest dog butchers - Dec 2011
Alternatives in China - report - Dec 2011
Another 200 dogs rescued in Sichuan by volunteers - Dec 2011
China (ACTAsia) Anti-Fur Campaign - Dec 2011
China's Activists on Seal Products Trade - Dec 2011
(MO) Hundreds walk for animal rights - Dec 2011 - Race against time for 800 dogs - November 1, 2011
Chinese Activists Save 1000 Dogs from Chop - Oct 2011
Graphic Video of China Skinning Animals
Dog Eating Festival Banned After AR Fury - Sept 2011
China - Say no to rodeo - August 2011
Call to End Bear Farms from Chinese Doctors - August 2011
China: Good News for Rodeo Horses - August 2011
600 caged cats rescued from 2 trucks in Wuxi near Shanghai - August 2011
Chinese ARAs to lobby US ambassador over rodeo - July 2011
China's Animal Crusaders - July 2011
Volunteer Opportunity in Beijing, China - April 2011
Animal protectors stopped a truck carrying hundreds of dogs from Beijing to the Northeast Highway - April 2011
Chinese AR group tries to stop import of Canadian seal goods - March 2011
China under pressure for animal rights - March 2011
China row over synchronized goldfish magic trick - Feb 2011
ACTAsia's Anti-fur campaign - Feb 2011
China Bans Circuses - Jan 2011
Crush Video Banned in China - Dec 2010
Meet the (Chinese) Vegans - Dec 2010
Chinese contemplate cost of wearing fur as industry booms - Nov 2010
Chinese chemists have joined animal rights groups - Nov. 2010
China Zoo Cruelty, Abuse Crackdown - Oct 2010
Pets heading for dinner table prompts Beijinger to take action - Oct 2010
Art against fur at Renmin University - Sept 2010
Animals Asia New Film Shows Performing Animals - August 2010
China: This vegetarian kid is kungfu fighting - July 2010
China Mulls First Animal Protection Law - June 2010
China's changing attitudes to animals - May 2010
Shanghai AR Actions on YouTube - April 2010
First Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Law of the PRC - March 2010
China AR Improvement - Feb 2010
Cats and Dogs May be Removed from China Menus - January 2010
Pet lovers save 800 cats from dinner table in N China's Tianjin - November 2009
Here's the page I am working on for the new groups in China. There's still a lot to add, but for now - there's enough information to have an idea about their work and importance for animals in China.  http://www.people4c hineseanimals. org/Tianjin_ Cats_Hope. html

China, AR Actions - November 2009

China - lab rats - November 2009

China Drafts Nation's First Animal Protection Law - October 2009
From Animal Rights China:

August 6 2009

Among 2000 Cat Have Been Rescued Near Shanghai

From August 5th early morning - 6th evening, after more than 30 hours of the fight, among 2000 cats got rescued near Shanghai.

The video below was the animal protection volunteers all from Shanghai, Suzhou and Zhejiang Province were transferring the cat cages (among 800 cats) down from the truck which was tracing and stopped successfully by animal lovers at highway of Changshou City. After long hours negotiations between the Changshou

Police, cat lovers and the cat-nappers, the donations of 15000 RMB from Authority of Bixi County in Changshou (the location of the truck got stopped ) finally helped the rescuers bought those 800 cats from the cat-nappers.

Several brave lost cat owners were lying down on front of the truck to stop the cat-nappers drove the trucks away! They said: if you drive the cats away, then roll over from our body first! That was a bloody hard fighting!

Another 1000 cats were rescued earlier on the evening of August 5th at Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province, also not far from Shanghai. All together were among the 2000 cats got rescued from 2 cats-nappers trucks which were on the way to drive down to south, Guangdong Province restaurants.

We urgently call on to launch The Animal Protection Law to protect our poor four legs friends in China!

Many thanks and the greet appreciations to:
Shanghai Pet Union
Suzhou Small Animal Protection Assn
Zhejiang Animal Protection Assn
Loving Cat Owners (who's cats got stolen by the cat-nappers)
China Small Animal Protection Association
Police Officers of Changshou City
The Authority of Changshou City Council and Bixi County
The Authority of Suzhou City Council
The Authority of Public Security of Jiangsu Province
The Animal Lovers from Website All Around the World

Thanks all

Simply translated by Joy Gao
http://v.youku. com/v_show/ id_XMTEwNjcyNTA0 .html
July 2009: AUSTRALIA'S largest wool buyer, China's Sunshine Group, has demanded Australian wool growers abandon mulesing. The request, the first by a Chinese processor, was made in a letter to the Federation of Australian Wool Organisations.

full story:

Great Animal Rescues and Jill Robinson - May 2009

After killing dogs, a new AR law is possible: http://www.huffingt 2009/07/07/ watch-after- 36000-dogs- ki_n_227064. html

Hundreds of Cats Rescued from Being Eaten In China - June 2009

Cat Rescue, Beijing - January 2009

The artists are Chinese students, in China. ABSOLUTELY INSPIRING. The anti-fur revolution has started in China. http://www.infurmat 2008/daf08. php

An excellent short video of Jill Robinson speaking about how she got involved in saving moon bears 14 years ago from bear bile farms. These bears still arrive in terrible condition and are dying of very large liver tumors. Some are missing a front paw from being trapped in the wild. There are subtitles in Chinese. It's an edited version of a presentation Jill made a few weeks ago in Barcelona.


http://www.mynewsle tterbuilder. com/tools/ view_newsletter. php?newsletter_ id=1409638432

It is important to keep in mind that there are many good people in China who abhor the barbarianism going on in their country, and this is why we are working to help bring them together to fight the horrors. They do need our help to survive and flourish. The photo is of the heroic Shanghai cat rescuer where over 1400 cats were saved from restaurant butchers--We are helping that group. Likewise, our contacts in China are working tirelessly to attract more people to help animals. More on this marvelous project coming up soon!

Our new online groups:
http://pets. com/group/ People4ChineseAn imals/
http://profile. index.cfm? fuseaction= user.viewprofile&friendid=307101956
People 4 Chinese Animals

Kim Cooling's Story of a Street Dog

Protest of Cats and Dogs Being Used for Food - December 2008

Beijing Anti-Fur Concert and Rally - September 2008

Beijing Man Saves Pig - July 2008

The stirrings of a new protest movement - February 2008

Students Beg to Save Animals Lives - January 2008

China ARAs on Myspace - Dec 07

China drafts "humane" standards for animal slaughter - Dec 07 - Asia Animals Blog

AAF statement in response to report on bear farming in China - Dec 07

China closes hundreds of bear farms - December 2007

Shanghai Cat Rescue - July 2007

Link to page with Chinese AR video - July 2007

GuangZhou Home for Strays - June 2007

New laws for animal cruelty - June 2007

Dog Rights vs. Human Rights - May 2007

Animal Rights Increasing - March 2007

400 Cats Rescued in Tianjin - February 2007
       Tianjin Cats - update April 2007

Charitable Sale 2007 - "Heart of peace" large-scale charitable sale. This charitable sale is aimed at spreading the idea "cherish life, protect animals, oppose cruel killing, and get along with animals.

Animals Asia - A cub comes home for Christmas 2006

China Improves Laws for Treatment of Fur Animals

KFC Protestors - Naked - Nov. 2006

Animals Asia - Actions Update - November 2006

Beijing Cracks Down on Dogs - November 2006

Chinese Year of the Dog, by Kim Cooling - November 2006

China Crackdown on Dogs - November 2006

Street Exhibition to Celebrate 2006 World Animals' Day

New fund to protect rescued animals, birds - October 2006

AAF works with Nanjing in Response to the Dog Culls - October 2006

Poet Swaps Places with Lions - October 6, 2006  Friends or Food?

Chinese Outcry - August 2006. Don't dogs have rights?

KFC Disrespects Chinese Culture - July 2006

Bear Bile Farming -- July 2006 update

Restaurant -- June 2006. Chinese animal rights campaigners close down restaurant.

China Bears -- June 2006. 205 bears rescued so far.

China Labs -- June 2006. University has set up the city's first animal ethics committee to protect the welfare and rights of laboratory animals.

AR China -- Animal rights, still new in China, is drawing more debate.

Dog meat -- March 2006. Calls to make Chinese restaurants dog meat free could be getting through.

China cat stomper -- March 2006. Nurse faces court of public opinion. Includes updates to original story.

New Laws 4 Fur -- Feb 2006. Wildlife welfare to be improved.

China Bears -- Dec 2005. Summary of 2005 work by the Animals Asia team. Link to web site.

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