Here's a new group on MYSPACE where they'll be striving to attract as many Chinese citizens as possible to join them. This is to further the work they are trying to do to help groups in China, or as they put it before: "don't curse the darkness, light a candle!" This presents an opportunity for anyone who wishes to have a hand on helping animals in China, dealing directly with Chinese citizens in that country. Have a look, you might like to embark on this one also!!

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NOTE: Since this is not a typical MYSPACE group. Below is a description so people know what its goal is before joining.


This page is designed for people with a special interest in helping animal groups in China. Cordiality is a must as we strive to use this group as a helping hand, not as a confrontational battleground.

People4Chinese Animals is a growing group of individuals worldwide, united online to support compassionate, animal caring citizens in China. As humane consciousness rises among Chinese citizens, we work to bring them together for the betterment of animal lives in China.

Dedicated individuals who are trying to improve the conditions of the defenseless face rather overwhelming challenges, thus this group intends to contribute with their efforts so as to bring out the love and care that the defenseless so desperately need.

Here we will be brainstorming on how to promote animal awareness in China, as well as advocating for them in that country. We will engage on fund-raising to help the existing groups we work with in China to encourage their expansion, and help promote anti-animal cruelty.

Postings are restricted to related issues, and all members are expected to participate in the discussions, and/or assignments. If you feel that you can contribute to this project in any way, we enthusiastically welcome you to join us.

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