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Dear people,
If like me, you have been waiting for years to see a light at the end of the tunnel for fur bearing animals in China, this time has finally arrived. I am elated to tell you that a new dawn has broken for millions of animals in the fur farms of China who suffer unimaginable agony -- one you and I have heard of and seen so many pictures of. I never thought that an anti-fur campaign would ever take place in China -- but it has, and it will be huge if ALL OF US HELP with whatever we can.

I would like you to please read very carefully -- this message from the bottom up to see that hope has finally come to those poor souls. I have worked tirelessly for years helping fur bearing animals in China, so the JOY I feel today is indescribable.

Rosa Close

 From: Pei F Su
Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 7:29 PM
To: Planeta Animal
Subject: Re: ACTAsia for animals - Anti-fur campaign

For Rosa:
Thanks again for your supportive and enthusiastic reply. I'm just as happy as you are with the great achievements and response we get within China. It's marvelous, the groups are so willing to spread the message with the campaign packs and materials we provided. Hardly could envisage that we would run out of resources so soon, but that's only a very good sign. Just to give you an idea on what would be needed to continue our (ACTAsia and local groups) efforts on the anti-fur campaign throughout China:
Printing costs leaflets: $0.1/p. x 20.000 = $ 2,000
Printing costs poster: $0.6/p. x 2.500 = $1,500
Hosting (1 year) and maintenance (including updates) of website 6 months = $1,500

That's totaling to $5,000, which I realize that is a lot of money. But it is so vital, and any contribution towards that aim, from you and your impressive fan base on Facebook, is really helpful. I've attached the paragraph you have requested, and I hope it is what you are asking for. Please amend it if you feel necessary. We appreciate so much for you providing this opportunity and circulate this message for us. If you need any more info or details, please let me know.

I have enclosed the picture of poster and leaflets (double sided) for your reference.

Many thanks again.


On 12 Dec 2011, at 02:21, Planeta Animal wrote:

Dear Pei,
You have NO idea just how happy you made me now. I have been waiting for years to hear such good news from China. What you are doing there is just magnificent. I will send you a donation towards the brochures, banners and postage, also the website. Can you give me an idea how much you will need and I'll see what I can do. Also, I'll be soon sending our my newsletter announcing our conference in June. If you would like to write a paragraph I'll add it with your signature and all information where people can donate to help.

I also want to think about having you here at our conference because your current work is SO important. In fact, the anti-fur activism in general started because of fur production in China. So, you would be focal point at our conference.

Thank you so much, Pei.

From: Pei F Su
Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011 8:53 PM
To: Planeta Animal
Subject: Re: ACTAsia for animals - Anti-fur campaign

Dear Rosa

Sorry for the delay of reply.
It's so wonderful to received your kind message.
In fact, apart from our anti fur campaign in January - February 2011, we are just launching our "Winter 2011 & Spring 2012 No Fur China Campaign" from 1st December.
This is why I am so busy to directing our Chinese team on the ground to deliver this campaign.

The responses so far are over overwhelmed and thanks to all our staff and many volunteers who have done a great preparation work to launch this campaign.
I have listed the significant results of this campaign below for your reference.

* ACTAsia prepared a comprehensive No Fur China Campaign which contains poster of the campaign, the information fur trade, consumer information, individual action page, no fur leaflets etc., 11 items of different type of information were included in this campaign pack to help/teach local groups in different part of China on how they can launch a fur campaign which is a very new topic for most of animal protection groups in China. (I can send you a set of campaign pack for your reference, if you like)

* This winter campaign we are collaborating it with which is one of the main search engine in China. runs a micro blog site (similar function as twitter) and its micro blog site crated a special web page for our 'No Fur China Campaign' where allows us to list our statement, Q & A, video footage links on this page.

* More than 50 local animal sign the joint statement for this winter campaign and this is the first time to have so many join effort for the fur issue.

* We have over hundred Chinese celebrities including famous movie stars, TV stars, singers, film directors, media columnists, athletes to give their individual statement on anti fur issue and then we re-posted them in our micro blog pages.

* Last month We held a press conference to announce the launch of campaign and also create a page to allow people to participate the press conference online. more than 35 reporters attended the press conference and many newspapers reported our campaign news.

* On 2nd of December our team and local volunteers together with two animal groups in Shenzhen, we launched the first public awareness campaign as the start of the off line campaign during the Shenzhen Fringe Festival. Our volunteers use body art performance to demonstrate the problems of fur industry and products. See our facebook page to see the photo album of the Fringe Festival

* From 2nd week of December universities and animal groups from all different part of cities are starting to conduct awareness campaign. Because of these encouraging participations our 10,000 leaflets, 1000 posters were all being sent out to 10 different cities throughout China.

* There are more campaign activities will be taking place from now until the begging of Chinese New Year in the end of January 2012.

Now, we Urgently need support for the printing materials, banners and postages so we can send more materials. We also need to build No Fur China campaign web site but we do not have any more budget to do that. Any help from you will be very much appreciated.

With best regards

Pei F Su
ACTAsia for Animals

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