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[from Shanghai Daily]

FUDAN University has set up the city's first animal ethics committee to protect the welfare and rights of laboratory animals, university officials said yesterday.

Researchers and teachers must apply in advance to the animal ethics committee and receive written approval before conducting experiments and research at Fudan's pharmaceutical college.

The decision was effective June 1.

Concerned medical students and animal rights activists have urged the university to build a memorial to the many animals that have suffered and died for science in work on campus.
"The organization is set up to regulate the ethical treatment of laboratory animals and bring the country's practice in line with international codes," said Cheng Nengneng, the committee director.

Medical research programs, especially pharmaceutical experiments, often involve animals - usually rats, mice, rabbits, dogs and monkeys. Thousands of rats and mice, dozens of dogs and less than 10 monkeys are used in Fudan's research programs each year, officials said.

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