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Poet Swaps Places with Lion

A Chinese poet, who has locked himself inside a cage surrounded by lions, has been speaking about the stunt.

Ye Fu, 28, and a female assistant aim to stay inside the cage inside the lion enclosure at Qingdao Forest Wildlife World for ten days.

They are eating only raw meat and drinking water in an attempt to live like caged animals.

Ye Fu said: "This is a form of performing arts. By swapping positions, I try to feel the feelings of caged animals, hoping this can arouse people's attention of animal rights."

The female admirer Luo Xianhui, 26, quit her job to join him inside the cage. They are also denying themselves access to telephones, books, newspapers, radio and TV.

To go to toilet, they use plastic bags, which are collected daily by zoo staff, reports Bandao News.

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