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China: Good News for Rodeo Horses

This is such a victory already. Those who don't believe changes can happen for animals in China ought to pay attention. I firmly believe that this 'quarantine' excuse is just what it says: an excuse, they are too embarrassed to say that it is NOT going to happen because of the huge campaign against it. I created the campaign on this link Stop American Rodeo in China: which people just click & send a letter to authorities in China while the animal people in China (70+ groups led by ACTASIA)are directing their campaign towards the US ambassador in China. How smart!!! We're learning what works and what doesn't ! : ) Meanwhile we have accomplished nothing here in the US to stop this disgusting abuse. If we can stop this from expanding to other countries, it is worth the effort. KEEP SENDING THE LETTER. LET'S KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!!

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