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riday, March 10, 2006

China's internauts find the kitten killer

For those of you who read my story a week ago headlined "Just who is the glamorous kitten killer of Hangzhou?", I feel an update is in order (I am indebted to other Beijing bloggers like for following this one).

A few days of determined detective work by China's clearly underemployed internauts came up with a remarkable quantity of information. And it turned out the woman in the leopard-print cocktail dress and stilettos photographed crushing a cat to death was not from Hangzhou after all, but from northern Heilongjiang province.

Her community website, a particularly sick community (though presumably there's not a lot to do in Harbin's long winters if you're not into ice sculpting), turned up pictures of frogs and rabbits meeting similarly gruesome ends.

By earlier this week, the net knew not only her name, address, job, car registration number, email address and phone number, but those of the man who took the photographs too.

She has, needless to say, been hounded out of her job. And all this
could be found using open access information, even in China, which makes you think (unless, as one might suspect, a policeman annoyed that the law couldn't touch her, because there's no legislation against animal cruelty, looked up the records and tipped someone off).

Quite a few people have commented that things must be changing if Chinese are getting so worked up about cruelty to animals. But even in the land of the skinless dog market, I wonder if that's fair - was behaviour like this ever considered normal?

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