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Zang Toi Fashion Show Anti-Fur Demonstration

China sells because the West fur hags buy it...So, who is to blame?

February 11, 2008

Zang Toi Demo Pictures

Santos <santos@nycanimalrig> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all who attended the Zang Toi Fashion show demo. The screen worked better than I anticipated and everyone that came out of the show was met by an 8' x 6' movie of animals being skinned alive. Since I projected from behind, the traffic was able to view the movie too, and many cars stopped to offer their support. The pictures do not do it justice as the camera flash gave the screen a washed out appearance that didn't exist.

Also, the article on the Saga Furs website about how Zang Toi loves fur that I sent a link to with my event announcement has been taken down. I even got to send Zang Toi a recorded message via one of his associate's Blackberry.

On the downside, I was so preoccupied with the projector and screen that the demonstration became a bit scattered in the rear. I will be holding a meeting in the next few weeks to select assistant organizers, brain storm ideas and train new activists on what is appropriate behavior at our event.

As an organizer I take the comments from our members very seriously. I admit some of the tactics I used in the past no longer appeal to me. I experimented with being kind to everyone at the Saks demo and the response was very refreshing. I think I made fur wearers more uncomfortable by asking them to please taka a flyer than by calling them names. After all, most of those fur hags are beyond reach and we need to appear civilized if we want our message to be taken seriously. I now believe that if we make the fur wearer the victim, our message is lost in our tactic. Remember that most people have not seen the footage that we have on fur farming. Some really do not know how horrible the truth is.

So thanks again everyone for your support and let's make 2008 a year of action and compassion for animals. Here are the pictures of our demo.


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