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Dear friends,

Sorry, it took so long, this is because I edited and uploaded the videos on Youtube( for the first time ) and it took us until today, it was not easy to upload the video I recorded on DVD since there was a production fault in it and we had to correct and amend the errors.. Also, we had to split it into 3 parts on Youtube, which is a pity, but there was no other way, videos uploaded to YouTube by standard account holders are limited to 10 minutes in length. I kept looking for a link to the on line video, but unfortunately there is none. And since I think it is absolutely a must see, I decided to upload and post it on Youtube.

I watched it on Friday, it was such a powerful documentary, I will recommend everyone to watch it, no graphic scenes, just overwhelming.

I was so impressed and touched by the dedication and passion of these activists, three women Xiaoyung Liu, Min Gan and Caying Zhang who are dedicated to rescuing stray cats, would do everything, give their everything to save cats and enable them to live in safety.

I really doubt if there would be that many activists here in comfortable Western Europe or in the US who would do the same, these people would really do everything, risk their own lives to rescue animals in danger. People who just blame the whole Chinese citizens for being barbaric monsters must be ashamed, they all should watch this video, stop yelling and insulting and start giving these activists helping hands instead, which would help animals in China much more, we won't achive anything only by insulting the whole nation and its folk..

I was in tears as Ms.Gan said she wants the law to protect all animals in China, they could use such a law as weapon..

Shanghai: Cat Rescue and Struggle of Animal Rights Activists
Part 1 : com/watch? v=PqIlIpkUuYs
Part 2 : com/watch? v=kVNkQS- zDKw&feature=channel
Part 3 : com/watch? v=YsQlwGSMy4c&feature=channel

Please watch them all and spread the word.

Here are examples how you can help:

www.cvfaf-germany. org (sorry, still under construction. .)

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