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Colombia - Lack of AR Law

 The animal right laws in my country (Colombia) are very poor. In fact, The Colombian constitution does not recognize animal rights at all; there is only one law (Law 84 of 1989) which stipulates a statute to protect animals, with the exception of bullfighting and cock fights, which are considered to be part of the Culture of Colombia.

 The Colombian Constitution does not officially establish an ethical duty of society to protect animals. Law 99 of 1993 established the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development but simply to guarantee service for humans. Animals were placed as belongings that served humans.
I am very inspired by your work on animal rights, and I would like to get some advice from your expertise to fight against the atrocities committed by the following circus in my country: , please excuse the narrator and the poor quality of the video and the fact that it is in Spanish)

David Ruiz
Animal Rights Activist

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