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anonymous report, from Contra Info (photo:

"Various cells have initiated a series of small acts of sabotage in Costa Rica for months now, yet we really didn't expect that our action would have such a strong impact. It is the first action of this type in this filthy country in many, many years...

For this reason we saw the need to claim responsibility for this action, thinking that many more people would gain strength and shake off the fear that torments us every day, this fear that doesn't let us go any farther...

The technological control is steadily increasing, that's why we decided to take control of our lives for a few moments and carry out this action, which is not an end in itself but the means by which we get revenge for our slavery. On Thursday, June 19th, 2014 we particularly attacked a butcher shop in Cartago with an incendiary device. The fire exceeded our expectations, and according to reports in the Press the total damages were more than 40,000 dollars. The meat industry is a clear reflection of this society: domestication, minimum respect toward nature, and money as a sacred god behind every move. This is not just a responsibility claim; it is a call for war toward the rest of the cells, the rest of the brothers and sisters of fire; they know to whom we refer, to whom this message goes out.

It's about time that we burned this country, this artificial world; it's the onset of the black fire that will consume their businesses and industry of the filthy techno-industrial society. It is now time to articulate a direct and cold criticism, away from fantasies, put it forth, and present strikes. It is obvious that we didn’t destabilize the system with this action, but a burned butcher shop is a butcher shop less...

With the incarcerated or fallen in combat comrades in our memory, rifle and attacks…

Without more ado, this was a short message from Savages of the Earth – Earth Liberation Front//Animal Liberation Front//Informal Anarchist Federation//International Revolutionary Front"


translation of anonymous report, from Liberacion Total:

"In the evening hours of January 30 we sealed the locks at a branch of the multinational mobile phone company Movistar, in Cartago; on February 13 we also sealed the locks of a butcher shop in Tibas. Both actions were attempts to put an end to passivity and calls for organization and direct action against all forms of domination. The everyday system involves life becoming increasingly artificial, interrupting the development of nature; the meat and telecommunications industries contribute to this and that's why they will be the target of our attacks. Words are not needed, actions are missing.

FLA/FLT Antispeciesist Militia - Wild Earth."

"En horas de la noche del 30 de enero realizamos el cierre de candados de una sucursal de la transnacional telef�nica Movistar, en Cartago, tambi�n el 13 de febrero nos adjudicamos el cierre de candados de una Carnicer�a en Tibas. Ambas motivadas como un intento de dejar la pasividad, haciendo un llamado de organizaci�n y acci�n directa contra toda forma de dominaci�n. El sistema d�a a d�a trata de volver la vida cada vez m�s artificial, rompiendo el desarrollo de la naturaleza, la industria c�rnica y de telecomunicaciones contribuye a ello por eso estar�n en la mira de nuestros ataques. Las palabras sobran, las acciones faltan.

FLA/FLT Milicia Antiespecista - Salvajes de la Tierra."


translation of anonymous report, from Liberacion Total:

"We claim responsibility for the sealing of the locks of a butcher in Cartago, Costa Rica, and we urge other comrades of this territory into action. We salute the Anti-Civilization Fraction of the Earth Liberation Front, ITS, CCF throughout the world, comrades in Indonesia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, United States, Russia, Greece, Marco Camenisch and others whose struggle inspires us to attack. Strength to our imprisoned comrades.

Death to Civilization
Death to the State
Long Live Anarchy

ELF - Wild Earth"

"Nos adjudicamos la cierra de los candados de una Carnicer�a en Cartago, Costa Rica, ademas incitamos a los dem�s compas de este territorio a entrar en accion, saludamos a la Fracci�n Anti-civilizaci�n del Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra, Its, CCF a lo largo del mundo, a lxs compas en Indonesia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Estados Unidos, Rusia, Grecia, a Marco Camenisch y a demas su lucha nos inspira a atacar. Fuerza a lxs compas presxs.

Muerte a la Civilizaci�n
Muerte al Estado
Viva La Anarqu�a

FLT - Salvajes de la Tierra"

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