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July 2017. Radio Prague - Animal rights activists celebrate as bill banning fur farming passes "Animal rights activists have reason to celebrate. After years of controversy, both houses of the Czech Parliament have approved a ban on fur farms that should take effect in January 2019. According to the bill, which was approved by the Senate on Thursday, the owners of fur farms will be able to claim compensation from the state. Opinion polls suggest that over 80 percent of Czechs support the move. I called animal rights activist Lucie Moravcov√° from the NGO Freedom for Animals to get her reaction to the news."

Film o Animal Liberation Frontu i Earth Liberation Frontu - March 2012

Czech Chamber passes animal protection bill - June 2008

Accident during open liberation - March 2008

Hen Rescuer - May 2007

New Home for Five Hens - April 2007

Chickens Given a New Life - April 2007

29 Hens Freed in Open Rescue - April 2007

Czech Hen Rescues - August, October 2006

Czech Inter Niche. Czech and Romanian versions of InterNICHE alternatives website launched

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