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Film o Animal Liberation Frontu i Earth Liberation Frontu

Film o Animal Liberation Frontu i Earth Liberation Frontu.

U Americi su "teroristička" prijetnja broj 1. Nazivaju ih teroristima na svakom koraku. FBI ih prati. Jesu li ALF i ELF teroristi ili aktivisti? Donosimo vam dokumentarac o akcijama ALF-a i ELF-a i preprekama s kojima se suočavaju u svom aktivizmu za spas �ivotinja i spas Planeta.

The term Green Scare, alluding to the Red Scares of the 1910-20's and 1940s-50s, is an expression used to refer to recent actions taken by the U.S. government against the radical environmentalist movement. It seems to have been coined in a 2002 edition of a prisoner support zine or newsletter, Spirit of Freedom. The publication defined the Green Scare as "the tactics that the US government and all their tentacles (FBI, IRS, BATF, Joint Terrorism Task Forces, local police, the court system) are using to attack the ELF/ALF (Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front) and specifically those who publicly support them."

The term has now been widely used to describe an early 2006 sweep of arrests, convictions and grand jury indictments of alleged ELF/ALF activists on charges relating to acts of property damage, conspiracy, arson and use of destructive devices dubbed "Operation Backfire."


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