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Danish Historical Success for Fur Bearing Animals

Subject: [IAFC] Historical success
Dear all!

I have just talked to the owner of fur farm here in Bosnia. He was very kind to me when I explained to him what I tend to do. Very soon we'll organize several parties, very huge parties, and collect money to save minks from his fur farm. Minks will stay there for some time, but alive. We'll sign an agreement then. Agreement obliges him not to kill animals ever, until we open fake fur factory and make international marketing campaign for this event. After we open the factory, and give it to him, we tend to make a anti fur fashion show, again covered by international media.

Very interesting thing in this story is that he tends to break an agreement with Danish fur importer. This means that we will break danish fur import for awhile.

After this campaign, we are going to talk to all the other fur producers here and offer something similar.

I think we can celebrate already, because more than 2000 minks are safe :)



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