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Animal rights activists interrupt question-time in Parliament

In a rather rare incident in the Finnish experience, animal rights activists interrupted Parliament's question-time on Thursday afternoon. The protesters unrolled a banderole stretching from the public gallery to the floor of the chamber with the text: "Is this what we want for animals?"
In addition, the scroll was bearing a picture of a suffering pig in its stall.
Two demonstrators were holding up the banderole, without saying a word.

Agriculture and Forestry Minister Sirkka-Liisa Anttila (Centre), the minister responsible for pig farming, was watching the demonstration from the ministers' box.
The protesters had chosen a place opposite which photographers and video filmers usually stand. However, one of the attendants quickly collected the banderole, assisting the demonstrators out of the building.

The session was interrupted for about a minute, after which Speaker of Parliament Seppo Kääriäinen (Centre) announced that the session was to continue, while somebody in the session hall shouted "Merry Christmas".

The subject of conditions at pig farms has been in the news lately following further revelations that things are still not completely well on this front. Christmas is also a peak season for pork consumption, with many families serving the traditional baked ham on Christmas Eve.

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