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Nearly a thousand protest against vivisection in Paris

23 April 2011

demonstrators runis before the Paris City Hall Building, on the occasion of World Journe laboratory animals. AFP / Miguel Medina

Prs a thousand people, majority of militant anti-vivisection associations from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy came together Saturday, April 23 Paris to protest against vivisection, the use of animals under laboratory exprimental.
Mobiliss calling International Campaigns, a collective of associations cr in 2003 in France, protesters were beginners in runis APRS afternoon in front of City Hall Building, during the - Journe World Laboratory Animal . Other rallies silent prvus conjuction in Britain, according to Christophe Marie of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

'Stop the Torture' , 'vivisection? Abolition!' , 'In the laboratories of vivisection in Europe, an animal dies every three seconds' : associations, including the Foundation Brigitte Bardot, Antidote Europe, Gaia, Animals pril (Belgium), EquiVita (Italy) hosted a 'militant cyclist' , which finished in Paris, the occasion of this 'European market' , a bike tour of France to raise awareness.

'He waits, he is afraid, he anticipates', can be read under the photo of a monkey cage. AFP / Miguel Medina

Several coffins bearing the names of animals 'utiliss and sacrificed' to test such products cosmtiques - 12 million in Europe, near one billion worldwide, according to organizers - were t located on the square where several spokespersons have succd.

dnoncent associations, says Mary, 'character rgressif' of the Regulation of the practice in Europe, 'lack of political will of the methods dvelopper proxy' face 'pro-vivisection lobby' and its clamor 'outright abolition' .

The demonstrators were then visit cortge up the Place des Vosges front of the house of Victor Hugo, 'first league PRESIDENT OF antivivisection Franaise - in 1883, according to organizers. They should observe 'a minute of silence for the animals .

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