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received anonymously:

"November 2009,
DOUX's trucks (used for transporting chickens and roe deer) were destroyed.
A piece of advice: stop supplying KFC.
ALF France"

"Novembre 2009,
Des camions de la socit� DOUX, remplis de plusieurs centaines de cages vides servant au transport de poules et de chevreuils vivants, ont �t� mis hors d'�tat de nuire.
Un conseil: arretez de fournir KFC."



According to media reports, during the night of October 15, approximately 4,200 mink escaped from a fur farm in the village of Saint-Cybranet (Dordogne) in southwest France. Cages were opened and the fence surrounding the farm was cut. A water system at the farm was also vandalized. Two days later, only 1,000 of the mink had been recaptured.

Thierry Agraffel, the owner of the farm (address: Lauzel, 24250 St Cybranet), cried to a local newspaper, "Twenty-one years of work and breeding completely destroyed...."

Photo: Titia carrizey-Jasik /


The hunting and selling of ortolans-- an endangered songbird-- is illegal in France, but the birds continue to be killed and eaten. On August 30, members of the Ligue pour la protection des Oiseaux (League for the Protection of Birds) destroyed more than 200 poacher's traps and set free dozens of birds inside.

- LPO press release.
- Guardian newspaper report.


anonymous communique (click here for more photos):

"Beginning of July, 2009, Paris,

The Paris Professional Butcher School, 37 boulevard Soult, 75012 has been the ALF target:

In the parking basement where we could smell corpses of animals, several professional (refrigerated van) and personal cars from the Butcher School have been BURNT, and a water-heater and a technique system linked to the cold storage have been BURNT TOO.

With this action, this murderer school have lost hundred of thousand euros!

Here is the list of the professional people working there to the murder of 3 millions animals every day in France (without counting fish). See you soon for the next visit!

Save lives! Become vegetarian/vegan!

ALF France!"

"D�but juillet 2009, Paris.

L�Ecole Professionelle de la Boucherie de Paris, 37 Boulevard Soult, 75012, a �t� la cible du Front de Lib�ration des Animaux :

Dans le parking du sous-sol d�o� l�on pouvait sentir les cadavres des animaux, plusieurs v�hicules du personnel et des v�hicules professionnels (camions et camionnettes frigorifiques) de l�Ecole de Boucherie ont �t� INCENDIES, ainsi qu�un chauffe-eau et un syst�me technique reli� aux chambres-froides.

Cette action a fait perdre � cette �cole d�assassins des centaines de milliers d�euros !

Voici plus bas la liste du personnel de cette �cole qui professionnalise le meurtre de 3 millions d�animaux (hors poissons) par jour en France. A bient�t pour une prochaine visite !

Sauvez des vies, devenez v�g�tarien/v�g�talien !

ALF France !

Photos et compte-rendu de l�action sur

Toutes les actions ALF en France et dans le monde sur

Personnel ENSMV - CFP

Bruno Berthault
Michel Bertin
Christophe Bourcier
Xavier Cavaignac
Eric Engel
Pascal Beaufils 06 07 95 50 11
Christine Dehm
Thierry Duterte
Christophe Duteriez
Lionel Girard
Dominique Guillet 01 53 17 30 25
Nicole Henriquet
Josette Labarriere
Daniel Lehy
Pascal Gerault
Thierry Mazzoni
Christophe Narp
Nicolas Ribourdouille
Luc Perrez
Line Cossart
Dominique Petit
Fran�ois Bouche
Franck Denis
Sorette Bonhomme
Laurence Lacabanne"

July 2, 2009 -- Home Visit for Pfizer Executive

received anonymously:

CRIME: France Pfizer CEO
LOCATION:  Paris, France
'PFIZER DROP HLS', 'COUILLARD SCUM' and 'FMAH' was painted with red paint on your house and sidewalk.

How do you like the messages we left over your fancy house?

Shame neither cops near your street or your job could protect your house. You're just lucky it wasn't worse for you Pfizer scum!
We wonder if you will have spent the morning desperately scrubbing your walls, trying to hide the truth that we painted over your sidewalk and house. What will the neighbors think?

You bastards can expect the Militant Forces outside your houses any night until you drop HLS..

MFAH France

PS : Hey friends, call this scum: +33 1 45 53 11 36 or +33 1 47 04 39 24 or +33 9 63 55 97 66"

July 1, 2009 -- Hunting Tower Toppled

received anonymously:

"hunting watch tower destroyed in Burgundy (France).

see the two pictures (before....after)!!"

June 1, 2009 -- Birds Freed, Vehicles Burnt at Farm

received anonymously (click here for additional photos):

"One night in May 2009, Paris suburb.

The raising of thousands of birds to be killed (pheasants, geese, ducks, partridges) in Gaillon (Yvelines, France) was the ALF's target.

After cutting the fence to enter the property of the breeder, we discovered thousands of tiny cages and an big incubator for thousands of baby partridges.

- 10 cars belonging to the farmer and a lorry to transport animals to slaughter (separated and far away from the animals) have been BURNT.
- ALF SIGNED on the wall.
- dozens of prisoner partridges and crows FREED. Wire destroyed.
- several traps: one jailed rat FREED. Traps destroyed .

The breeder has lost several hundred thousand euros and his activity is weakened.

French ALF. Keep fighting!"

"Une nuit de Mai 2009 , r'gion parisienne

Un 'levage de milliers d'oiseaux destinu's ' 'tre tu's (faisans, perdrix, oies, pigeons, canards, paons, dindes etc.), l''levage de ' gibier ' Marcille ' Gaillon (Yvelines) a 't' la cible du Front de Lib'ration des Animaux.

Apr's avoir d'coup' le grillage devant la propri't' des tortionnaires, notre cellule a d'couvert l''tendue de l''levage : des milliers de cages minuscules doublement grillag'es (voir photos et vid'o) ainsi qu'une couveuse de plus de mille b'b's perdreaux. Les b'b's morts sont donn's ' manger aux corneilles emprisonn'es elles aussi.

Plusieurs mois de rep'rages et investigations ont permis de pr'parer l'action.
R'sultat :
-une dizaine de v'hicules appartenant aux 'leveurs (camion de transport d'animaux et voitures personnelles) isol'es des animaux et ' part sur le site ont 't' INCENDIES.
-ALF tagg' en signature de l'action.
-plusieurs dizaines de perdrix et des corneilles enferm'es dans des cages minuscules LIBEREES.
Grillage ARRACHE ;
-plusieurs pi'ges trouv's sur le lieu : Un rat pris au pi'ge LIBERE ; pi'ges DETRUITS.

Gr'ce ' cette action, l''leveur a perdu plusieurs centaines de milliers d'euros et son activit' est fragilis'e.

ALF France. Le combat continue !"

May 18, 2009 -- Arson Attack on Novartis Clubhouse

anonymous communique:

"10-05-2009, 03.15am
SC Novartis, Saint Louis, France
<private sports facility for Novartis workers>

We are writing to explain the incendiary action on the clubhouse at SC Novartis (St. Louis) - as reported by regional news two days later - that stands in the shadows of Novartis HQ, Basel. The strike was carried out as an attack on the leisure time of the Novartis murderers. While they exercise, playing tennis and other sports, there are animals in cages that have not even the space to walk. As they check their noticeboards (thanks for all the addresses!) and walk round their clubhouse they will come face to face with our painted disagreements and suggestions.

We didn't expect a large fire on the Franco-Suisse border to go unnoticed - or we would have burnt that building to the ground - but we wish to make it abundantly clear that we will be at your workplaces, at your homes, affecting your leisuretime and attacking you wherever we will find you. We are only beginning to show you what we are capable of, the lengths we are willing to go to. Our demands are simple and you know what they are. It's your move.

We're fucking coming for you Novartis...

Militant Forces Against HLS"

May 17, 2009 -- Attacks Against NYSE Euronext

communique received anonymously (edited for legal reasons):

"Attacks against NYSE Euronext PUPPYKILLERS
May 2009


Roland Gaston-Bellegarde
Wife: [...]
NYSE Euronext International Board of Directors

[...] Impasse Clos de la Gueriniere

'Drop HLS or [...]' and 'NYSE SCUM' was painted with red paint on his white garage door. How was it waking up, planning to go to work with your car and finding out your gate was concreted shut? [...] Knowing you don't give a shit about animals, it would be smart [...]


Xavier Jean-Pierre Pontacq
Atos Euronext Director

[...] Rue du Marechal Foch

We climbed his 3 meter high spikefence and ended up in his garden surrounding his house. We paintstripped his posh car and punctured a tire. After that we sneaked up over the grated floor towards his front door and painted it. In case someone would wake up and notice us we [...]. To finish it off we put a heavy chain lock around his only gate.


Euronext Group Chief Information Officer

[...] Avenue des Pages
Le V'sinet

This one was simple and straight forward. We sneaked up to the posh car of Tarak and placed 3 incendiary devices underneath his car, turned them on 39 minutes and left again unnoticed.
39 Minutes later it was time for a high five by the Special Arson Enforcements team of the Militant Forces against HLS France.



MFAH France"

May 13, 2009 -- Slogans Painted at Home of Furrier

received anonymously:
"Recently in Bordeaux, France,
Michel Grama, killer, murderer and furrier was the target of activists of the ALF.

Some messages were left on the door of his garage 'Grama= furier= murderer', on the pavement 'ALF hasn't forgotten you' and in the street 'Grama, furier, murderer at number 16'.

Michel Grama and his killer family live at the 16th Ferdinand de Lesseps street in Bordeaux France.

He loves that some people call him on the phone at home and at his shop.
He also loves some visits at home, so don't hesitate to tell him what you think about his business of torture and murder.
You can call him at several places:

At home first:
[address delete]
0033 5 57 87 23 44

And two shops:
5 r Michel Montaigne 0033 5 56 48 22 67
bt 3 6 av Gambetta 0033 5 56 83 79 96

ALF will never leave such murderers in peace like you, we hunt them down until the murder is over. ALF never regrets its actions, because they're fair and save innocent animals that are tortured and murdered everyday by killers like you.

Close your shops and we leave you in peace, go on torturing and we'll spoil your life!"

"Michel Grama, assassin, tueur et fourreur a t la cible d'activiste de l'ALF.

Des messages ont t inscrit sur la porte de son garage: 'Grama= Fourreur= Tueur', sur le trottoir 'ALF t'a pas oubli' et dans sa rue 'Grama, fourreur, tueur au n16'. Les serrures de sa porte de sa maison ont t englu.

Michel Grama et sa famille d'assassin habitent au 16 rue Ferdinand de Lesseps Bordeaux.

Il adore qu'on lui passe des petits coups de fil chez lui et son magasin.
Il aime aussi qu'on lui rende visite, alors n'hesitez pas lui dire ce que vous pensez de son petit commerce de cadavre et de torture.
Vous pouvez le joindre plusieurs endroits:

Chez lui tout d'abord:
05 57 87 23 44

Et ces deux magasins:

5 r Michel Montaigne 05 56 48 22 67

bt 3 6 av Gambetta 05 56 83 79 96
L'ALF ne lche pas les assassins comme toi, on les traque jusqu' ce que le massacre cesse.

L'ALF ne regrette jamais ses actions, car elles sont justes et sauvent des animaux sans dfense qui se font torturer tous les jours par des assassins comme toi.

Ferme tes magasins et on te fou la paix, continu torturer et on te pourri la vie!"

April 6, 2009 --  Ads for Circus, Zoo Modified

April 2, 2009 -- ALF Arson Shuts Down Livestock Market

Early in the morning on Saturday, March 28 a fire broke out at March' au Cadran d'Ussel, a livestock auction in the commune of Ussel (Corr'ze). The initials 'ALF' were found painted on the building. Future auctions have been cancelled. (photos from

March 27, 2009 -- Circus Ads Altered

anonymous report:


'mistreated animals
show cancelled'

March 2009"

March 5, 2009 -- Fur Shop Covered in Paint

anonymous report:

"In the night between Tuesday March 3 and Wednesday March 4, 2009, the Alsace section of the ALF attacked a fur shop in Schiltigheim, Strasbourg. We covered its windows with red paint. We left behind leaflets against 'anthropocentric human arrogance, and for human and animal liberation.' This article appeared in Les Derni'res Nouvelles d'Alsace on Thursday, March 5."

"Dans la nuit entre mardi 3 et mercredi 4 mars 2009, l'ALF section Alsace a attaqu' un magasin de fourrure ' Schiltigheim, Strasbourg. Nous avons recouvert ses vitrines avec du vernis rouge. Sur place nous avons lass' de tracts contre ' l'arrogance anthropocentriste humaine et pour la lib'ration humaine et animale '. Ici l'article apparu dans le Dernier Nouvelle d'Alsace de jeudi 5 mars."

March 2, 2009 -- Circus Posters Trashed

anonymous report:

"Cirque Franco-belge (circus)

180+ boards
80+ cardboard posters"

February 19, 2009 -- Graffiti in Support of Dan Wadham

February 10, 2009 -- Circus Ads Come Down

reported anonymously:

"date : Jan 2009
location : france
target : cirque Muller (circus)
80 boards"

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