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United we stand!

To all officials of animal protection associations:

Dear friends, as you know, the situation is very serious. The cruel defenders of bullfights have managed to obtain what, for us, has always been the unthinkable: bullfight is officially considered as part of French immaterial culture. This is the first step to international recognition by the UNESCO. If we let this happen, it will be a real catastrophe.

We would like to show a united front by organizing all together a big demonstration on Saturday the 28th of May near the Ministry of Culture in Paris, place du Palais royal at 3. PM. We want to show with slogans, T-shirts, signs, etc. that all abolitionist associations, small or big, are unified. We will ask you to show your agreement by creating an Internet site specially dedicated to this demonstration, with a members counter. On this coming site, the situation will be explained and logos of all associations will be showed next to each other.

Thank you for sending us your logo with your answer if you wish to participate

For CRAC Europe

Jean-Pierre Garrigues, vice president

Michele Breut, vice presidente

CRAC Europe
BP 51244

30105 ALES Cedex

T�l. 06 75 90 11 93

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