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Paris votes for end to performing animals in circuses - Dec 2017

France bans imports of lion hunt trophies - Nov 2015

French Police Violently Attack ARAs Protesting Bullfighting - Sept 2015

At L'Abattoir - June 2015 - film

Maubourguet ar�nes en �tat de si�ge - August 2014

Le lourd tribut de la viande � petit prix - August 2014  1300 personnes marchent pour la fermeture des abattoirs � Paris - June 2014 - Lib�rez les animaux des laboratoires marseillais ! Free Marseille laboratory animals!

Eight activists are judged today for disturbing bullfights at Rion-des-Landes - March 2014

Manifestation pour Caramel - Feb 2014

French AR Activists Vs Bullfighting - November 2013

The Siege of Rodihan - Gov. Sanctioned Animal Torture Under Attack - October 2013 - Sept 2013; Something terrible is happening to dogs and cats in France, all French animal lovers need help

Man Seriously Hurt in Corrida Protest- August 2013

Animal Slaughter - French Translation

ARAs march in Paris demanding closure of slaughterhouses - June 2013

(Video) Anti-corrida demo at ALES (France) - May 2013

ECSR: Stop breeding dogs for laboratories! - March 2013

Victory for Brigitte Bardot as elephants are reprieved - Feb 2013

Brigette Bardot & 200 protesters at Lyon Zoo - February 2013

Demonstration against bullfighting on May 11 & 12, 2013 in Ales, France - February 2013 - Marche contre la fourrure (24.11.2012)

Un article tr�s int�ressant et argument�. Merci d' avoir la gentillesse de le diffuser.

French Constitutional Council upholds right to host bullfights - September 2012

LA HONTE FRAN�AISE! - September 2012

Comments by French president Hollande against Californian ban on foie gras are unacceptable - July 2012

French Duck Seeks Foie Gras "Asylum" in California - July 2012

March for the closure of slaughterhouses - June 2012
    Paris Demo for Closure of Slaughterhouses

5eme manifestation pour la lib�ration animale � Paris 5 mai 2012 - May 2012

March for Closing Down All Slaughterhouses - May 2012

Anti-Vivisection Protest Photos - April 2012

March 2012

Flaurencee a �mis un commentaire concernant le groupe "F.L.L.A Bretagne" de laura Nepal sur ALF AND SAG NETWORK ACTION.

Pour voir le nouveau commentaire, visiter :

Pour quitter ce groupe, allez � :

Pour contr�ler les courriels que vous recevez ALF AND SAG NETWORK ACTION, aller � :

les manifs mensuelles pour la lib�ration animale, on commence le samedi 7 janvier 2012 - November 2011

Lutte Contre L'Hippophagie - November 2011

Coordinated & Strategic Disruption at a Bullfight - October 2011

Demo Paris Sept 24, 2011

Undercover activists protest Air France-KLM's lab animal transports - 5/2011

Bullfighting - France - April 2011

Nearly a thousand protest against vivisection in Paris - April 2011

Jacques Derrida And The Question Of The Animal - March 2011

Pour Sabu - Zoo Elephant - Feb 2011

Diapositive 1 - powerpoint .ppt file

La Lettre de Paix liturgique 21 Jan 10
La Lettre de Paix liturgique 3
Versailles Et Le Motu Proprio
La Lettre de Paix liturgique 2
La Lettre de Paix liturgique - January 2010
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Verified LARGE puppy mill

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Alerte Fourrure de loup :

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WLM (MSM) : [email protected]

De pauvres animaux entassés dans des cages pour leur fourrure et les méthodes des hommes dans cette vidéo sont atroces.

Voici le lien :

Des experimentateurs rendent des chiens et des chats malades a Liege - October 2009 - blog


France ALF:,7608.html

Haut Je transmets d'Antidote

Experimentation : 54 millions deanimaux sacrifies dans le projet REACH
France ARAs Free Songbirds in Protest - August 2009
La Grande Odyssee - June 2009

In France, the wolves have a lot of enemies. There are only 150 wolves maybe, but 1.2 million hunters. And the farmer lobby is very strong and is currently protesting against the presence of wolves. So the secretary of Ecology, Miss Chantal Jouanno, has allowed to shoot one wolf. This happened 10 May 2009, and a female wolf, who was pregnant, has been killed. So they kill not only one wolf, but a few wolves with one shot. A female and his pups. Recently, Miss Jouanno was speaking out for a reduction of the wolf population just to do a favor to the hunters right now before elections. As there are only 150 wolves, this would be the end. However the wolf is protected under European rights. Please stop shooting at wolves in France.

Un grand merci aux Equipes de la DOUANE de la rgion parisienne !!!
     DOUANE_1.pdf   DOUANE_2.pdf    DOUANE_3.pdf

Le calvaire taurin des f?es de village divise l?Espagne - Sept. 08

Ce forum est en français:

La MONSTRUOSIT?HUMAINE ne cesse de progresser - May 2008

Protest Treatment of Cats in China - March 2008

Activism - March 08

Deer Hunt Stopped - Feb 2008

Feb 2008 - ETERNAL TREBLINKA was discussed on French national radio for an hour (3 philosophers and author Charles Patterson):


Devenez partenaire de la MAP'MONDE 2008


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Auteur du blog Stop.Animals.Genocid je souhaiterai être renseigné sur les possibilités de rejoindre votre groupe et participer à des actions, Résident à Genève je reste à votre disposition pour toutes informations complémentaires dont vous pourriez avoir besoin.

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Animal Rights Books



Video: La banquise by Pierre de La Galite
Also posted here: http://profile.myspacecom/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=317998531

Eternal Treblinka now in French

Fur Protest December 2007

Britain exports ?le hunt sabotage? - December 2007

Hunt Sabs, October 2007

ALF October 2007

Anti-fur protesters in the nude in central Paris - October 2007

France - UK Animal Rights Militia claims poisoning - August 2007

Are French and Spanish turning against bullfighting? - August 2007

ARA's versus Bullfighting - August 2007

ARAs Protest against HLS - June 2007

ALF Rescues Fish - May 2007

Reasons for Actions - in French - May 2007

Body Shop = L'Oreal = Vivisection - April 2007

France In Action - April 2007

Circus Poster Destroyed - April 2007

Paris Fur Industry Attacked - February 2007

ALF vs. the Body Shop - February 2007

French Video

Burberry Protest, Paris - January 2007

More Nutria Liberated - November 2006

Nutria Breeder - October 2006. Ch?eau-Landon's nutria breeder was the target of ALF activists.

Fur, Butcher, Body Shop attacked - October 2006

ALF in Paris - October 2006. A group of activists vandalized the butcher shop 'Roger', a McDonalds, a triperie shop and a foie gras shop in Paris' 16th borough, and more

Bullfight Protest -- June 5, 2006. Bullfights are scheduled for this week-end in Captieux and in Mauguio, France.

April 9, 2006: ALF Dublin liberated 1 weasel from tiny cage in Ferme de Decouverte, St Andre, South France.

April 06 -- Buffalo Grill's restaurant (specialized in meat-based meals) and a hunt-shop were painted

Protest 03 06 -- March 2006. Protester With Placard Lays in Coffin During Demonstration in Marseille.

France Fourrure -- February 2006.  Members of Animal Protection Group Fourrure Torture (Fur Torture) Protest outside Louis Vuitton Store

France fur farm -- January 2006. 2 minks were rescued from a fur farm located in the Normandy area.

Dog Fur Law -- Jan. 2006. French Government Bans Cat's and Dog's Fur. French Artists are Satisfied.

Paris_prot -- Oct 19, 2005. Members of Animal Protection Group Fourrure Torture (Fur Torture) Demonstrate outside Chinese Embassy in Paris.

French Prot  Oct 6, 2005. Toulouse. France. Naked people in meat containers.

Peta Pie -- Oct 12, 2005.  Paris PETA pie in face of Vogue.

Greystoke -- Operation Greystoke, 20 years later.

Demonstration against Chinese Fur, Paris. Feb 13, 2006

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