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From: Bernd Wolfgang Meyer

12 April 2013


The Greens have said several times, take the issue of animal welfare in the campaign statement federal election campaign. The seriousness of such a concern they have shown in Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bremen and other states.

The SPD Animal protection advocates as a state commission. The CDU and its sister party, the CSU, are Wryneck parties, in our experience, ask around before the elections at the pub and everyone who chooses to promise you the moon. In reality, prove to be extremely fanatical animal welfare hostile. Another Aigner and Schavan would be a disaster and a throwback to the Stone Age of the Animal Welfare beginnings. This is true also for a percentage Leutheusser Schnarrenberger of the FDP with their imaginative legal manipulations in eilfertiger satisfaction imperceptible minority. The name Merkel and Roesler may characterize a train, the group of people who keep animals for migratory apparatus, or who have not yet noticed their existence. With that name is chosen outright cruelty in fl´┐Żchendeckendem style.

The homogeneity of the six incumbents predators will be shattered in this election campaign. With the founding of the party on Sunday upcoming "Alternative for Germany", enters a serious competitor to the political stage, the aims in all areas else but is generously offered under alternative democratic guise.

It is assumed that the party is elected to the Bundestag and perhaps shines even from the state with a two digit result. Endorsements and voices are heard across the political divide and continue to expect. May the most serious consequences, however, the CDU, the CSU as expected. On one hand, have this trouble, the crumbling FDP to heave over the five percent hurdle, especially as the new party at the expense of FDP supporters, as well as those of the CDU and the CSU, nourishes. On the other hand they will not be able to compete with the convolute SPD and the Greens, who are less likely to lose votes. It is therefore expected in the coming months across the usual hysterical smear campaign by the German media.

It is known that after eingespieltem ritual uncomfortable parties are ignored and silenced media. Which has proven countless times, to stay in power and to the intolerable realities out, make decisions on principle, against the interests of the sovereign. In contrast to the views of historical events AFD but broadly anchored in the population and, ultimately, into reaching in the media. Subsequently prophylactically a brief listing of the party is still in the development program.

Advance is to say that a concern with animal rights, due shortly the active time is not yet done. This offers the chance to animal rights activists, according to affect the overall program. In brackets description.


In order to prevent the breakup of Europe calls for the completion of the European AFD contracts with an exit clause, relating to membership in the euro area.

The euro will be replaced either by national currencies with foreign exchange spreads, or stabilized in small currency associations. (The latter is a prerequisite for the creation of a stable international reserve currency)

(To achieve these goals through effect of a veto against the ESM)

To the regulation of banks and hedge funds are to consult etc.. Taxpayers are generally relieved.

An immediate ban on the purchase of worthless assets of the ECB is to pronounce.


A Europe of sovereign states with a common internal market is required. The budget law rests with national parliaments. A socialization of debt is strictly rejected. A centralized "euro state" is rejected.

The Brussels bureaucracy has to be reformed in order to ensure transparency and openness. The legislative power is to be shifted back to the national parliaments.


The democratic rights are to be strengthened. Referenda and initiatives on the Swiss model are required.

The parties should be involved in the political system, but it does not dominate.

It also called for democracy within the parties.

A tight rein on public opinion under the guise of "political correctness Ness" is strictly rejected.


An EU-wide immigration law after the Canadian model is sought.


Simplification of tax laws on the model of constitutional law expert Paul Kirchhof.


On nuclear phase is retained. The EEG should be reformed so that the subsidies are financed through tax revenues.


Children are considered stronger in the pension calculation.

Finally may be noted that the collection of the state in the Bundestag is desirable on the part of animal welfare, as it is reducing the available ceiling votes and the programs of the other relevant parties, influence in our sense. What we want and demand, is the reflection on the state constitution, at least in terms of animal welfare and

Plebiscite, as an opportunity to prevent the arbitrariness in the areas of factory farming, animal testing in medical research, hunting, and to demand the executive in these areas.

The AFD seems to be the right partner, or as such may be useful to strengthen and accelerate the paradigm shift.

Bernd Wolfgang Meyer

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