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Dolphins in Varna - Nightmare for Dolphins

We are activists for animals in Germany and at the moment especially with the slaughter of dolphins in Japan in charge! We have found a delfinarium in varna Here is a hell for dolphins and we have to stop it and to resque this animals. We are in Germany and try our best to do something but we do not know where to begin. We have informed Envirnoment Authority Bulgaria, ProWal Organisation (German Protection Orga who fight since 2009 against this dolphinarium without success). Please help us and let us know what to do. We have find out that the owner of this place is a rich Bulgarian women who gave this place as a gift to her toghter. This is a hell the dolphins are sturving and the the water is so dirty, the animals are hurt. Please let us put our efforts together and close this place! We will probably need also Bulgarian lawyers etc.! Thank you !

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Silvia Brinzea

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Keiner von uns darf ein Weh, für das die Verantwortung nicht zu tragen ist, geschehen lassen, soweit er es nur hindern kann.

Keiner darf sich dabei beruhigen, dass er sich damit in Sachen mischen würde, die ihn nichts angehen.

Keiner darf die Augen schließen und das Leiden, dessen Anblick er sich erspart, als nicht geschehen ansehen.

(Albert Schweitzer)

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