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German victory against Escada

Activists have recently been notified that Escada will stop selling Fur in 2011! Thank you to all who dedicated their weekend afternoons in Beverly Hills and to all the amazing activists around the world who have been relentless in their efforts to stop the murder at the hands of Escada.

A friend and ally from the activist frontlines in Germany updated Band of Mercy with the exciting news. See Below:

"[Escada going fur free] is really great news and everybody is very happy. Especially since Escada is a German company, many people have participated in campaigning. There have been many actions against Escada. I've participated in many anti-fur-demos which usually stopped at the Escada store (if one is available in that city). One and a half years ago, there was a first big anti-fur-demo in Luxemburg where I've also been. One day before that, Escada Luxemburg announced they will go fur-free.

We've delightedly heard those news, but since Luxemburg is a tiny country with only one Escada shop it was not effectively a great change. Then it still was a long way to get Escada to stop selling fur completely - I think the campaign took about three years.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a statement that Escada will stop selling fur from fur farms - which wouldn't have included e.g. rabbit or lamb furs. So the protests continued. This weekend has been planned as the anti-fur-action weekend. And right for that weekend came the announcement from Escada to go fur free. Yesterday, I've participated in a anti-fur demo in Aachen, Germany, where one of the last 20 fur farms of Germany exists (more info here). It was a rainy Day and the protests there usually consist of a demo through the shopping area in the city center and there is a second march to the farm itself. Usually that second march is very depressing, because you know that 30000 minks are in there and you just can stand outside.

But at least with the positive news of Escada, it shows that the protests are not just wasted energy but contribute to achieving a change.

At the end of former anti-fur-campaigns, especially at the end of the long campaign against the clothes retailer chain Peek & Cloppenburg, there has been an avalanche of other companies not wanting to become the next campaign target who on their own or after being asked to voluntarily announced going fur-free.

Now we hope that there will be a similar effect at the end of this campaign. Especially since Escada is the first luxury fashion company to relinquish using fur, the hopes are high that this will even trigger more than companies stopping to sell fur, but it will significantly contribute to disconnecting fur from being seen as a luxury product.

The official Escada campaign information can be found here:

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