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International Demonstration

We will be on the streets again, raising our voice for those who have no rights in this world to denounce the immeasurable suffering they endure at the hands of human beings.

Join us, or send in your statement of solidarity for our next

International Demonstration
in Freiburg, Germany
June 23, 2007, 12:30 -- 3:00 P.M.

under the Motto:


This is we call for:
●l A ban on the wanton killing of animals by slaughtering, hunting, fishing or vivisection)
● A ban on factory farming and the exploitation of animals
● A ban on advertisements for meat
● A ban on the use of solid and liquid manure in the fields
● The classification of meat as a luxury item, like alcohol and nicotine
● Correspondingly higher health insurance fees for meat-eaters
● Animal rights education in the schools

Please demonstrate with us - or send us your statement of solidarity for the international greetings and speeches at the final rally! Each voice counts in making an impact and to show the growing unity and strength of animal rights advocates the world over.

To view our home page and a selection of our campaign paraphernalia, go to:
To read more about the demo and leave your statement of solidarity, go to:
http://www.universa english/animals/ call_for_ action.htm

Let us join forces and pave the way for a new world where human beings, nature and animals co-exist in peace and unity.
We look forward to hearing from you!

For the Team at DoNotEatUs.Org

Janette Wood / Gabi Schmitt

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