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German Based, Global Network Against the Fur Industry Gets Victory on Escada Campaign

Global Network Against the Fur Industry:

ESCADA announces to go completely fur-free!

With hundreds of demos in Germany alone we bring the victory home to Deutschland


A special thanks to groups in other countries that supported our campaign!

Starting in January 2011 Escada SE completely stops using any real-fur. This announcement was circulating in the industry sector. After being asked Frank Elsner, the representative for press and business communication confirmed it to the Escada-Campaign on October, 15th.

Now that the company decided to also stop using rabbit fur and Karakul (persian lambfur) the demands of the Escada-Campaign towards the company are fulfilled and the campaign is finished successfully! Therefore we call for a stop of all planned protests. Thanks to everybody who took part in the campaign in the past by doing actions or supporting it in other ways! Read more ...
Stop the fur trade!

Since October 2007 the luxury company ESCADA had been the focus of an animal rights campaign by the Global Network Against the Fur Industry. The campaign was against the sale of real fur products by the ESCADA group.

Products made from animal fur are a part of contemporary society┬┤s system of animal exploitation, which must be ended through emancipatory practices.

Violence against animals on "fur farms", the commercial animal exploitation through the fur industry, produces suffering, fear and death; yet the animal victims remain largely unheeded.

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