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Woman Drives Hercules Into Forest to Stop Hunters

by Laura Simpson,
February 14, 2012
Written by Diane Weisenberger of Hessen, Germany

Push-through hunt -- that is what Druckjagd means in German and the local paper said it was coming to my neck of the woods. Deer, boar and foxes would be surrounded in the forest, then pushed into the paths of guns, the veritable carpet bombing of precious wildlife.

I spent two days writing to animal protection groups, trying to drum-up some intervention -- "A flashmob," I suggested -- but no one replied.

Time for direct action. The morning of the hunt, I rode my Hercules moped towards the hunters. "Here's your bravery test," I whispered into my helmet, then plunged past the armed men and into the hunting corridor. Dulled warning whistles met me up and down the paths. Angry men in green and red waved me off frantically, but silently.

It Was Working!

Up and along the trails I rode, gunshots firing north and south. I wanted them to worry about me -- to hesitate in shooting their prey. And it was working.

A huge buck thundered into my path, just feet ahead, running for his existence and in the right direction. I rode behind him until he was safe, past the furious hunters shouting with their hands, "Get out of here!"

Then a panicked young deer, then four more. It was too easy to see them. Bravery test again. I slipped the moped between them and the killers, and again pushed my hoofed cousins to safety. No more shots were heard from that direction.

All It Takes is a Spark

The forest was huge and the push-through hunt thorough. Many fellow Earthlings, beautiful deer, foxes and boar, were successfully murdered that day. All were terrorised. But -- five beautiful deer escaped, and many deadly shots were withheld because of my presence.

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