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WAG NY Launched Dec 4, 2006 "Αντισπισιστική Δράση". (Means antispeciesist action)

Actions Reported to Biteback - 2014-6
Actions Reported to Biteback 2008-2013

Cyprus ALF, Oct 2017 - updated Dec 2017

Cyprus Animal Defenders/CALF (Cyprus Animal Liberation Front)
- Dec 2015

Republic of Macedonia
: Macedonian Association for Protection of Animals - July 2012
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Cyprus dog shelters unable to cope with unwanted pets - May 2013

Plight of Animals in Greece - videos - April 2013

Greece Vs. China Cruelty - April 2013

CALF: 'Dog pound failed in its duty of care' - July 2012

C-ALF Demonstration held at farm with 'appalling conditions' - July 2012

Animal lovers protest over lack of protection - April 2012

Greece bans animal circuses - February 2012

Cyprus Joining Together to End Animal Cruelty - October 2011

Boycott Greece Campaign 2011 - August 2011

Η oμιλία του Gary Yourofsky στο GA Tech - with subtitles in Greek - July 2011

Greek Animal Rights Groups Disapprove of New Animal Law - July 2011

Greek ARAs Fur Protest - March 2011

Investigation - June 2009

http://www.tvxs. gr/v14991 - Tom Regan's Interview in Athens (in Greek)

Crete Dog Killers - May 2009

Tribute to animals in Greece from Marijo Anne Gillis


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New Sept 30, 2007:

A cool site in Greek with a lot of animal/earth liberation info:

Thessaloniki Actions

Greek Circus Ban

.the following ALF actions occurred in Greece from 2006 and 2007:

1. Saturday 10/7/2006: At the polytechnical school, in Thessaloniki, there was a projection of the video "Animal Liberation", many photos about vivisection and A.L.F.'s actions, and stands with leaflets, brochures, 'zines on animal liberation, imprisoned eco-anarchists, the greenscare, and anarchist/anti-authoritarian press. There were also spray-painted walls of Vet school, Biology school, polytechnical school etc against vivisection and in solidarity of the Animal Liberation prisoners.

2. The Metopo Apeleftherosis Zoon (Greek for Animal Liberation Front) claims responsibility for attacking the Hunters Clubs of Thessaloniki in the early hours of 31/5/07.

Human, incorporating the distortion of the environment, didn't stop at destroying himself but also extended to nature, since the beginning of evolution. Before nature gives her own answers we shall stop intervening in its own work.

Beyond the obvious reason to turn oneself against the hunting activities of the so-called civilized, it is essential to bring down every lie the so-called hunters try to pass. An excuse or even hallucination some of those hunting killers have, is that they contribute in maintaining the balance of natural eco-systems, or else, without their intervention by all means, the eco-system's balance should collapse.
Those that are not that sensitive in this issue, simply support that there's nothing bad in their murderous hobby since they use to eat what they have killed. In other words, beyond the massive slaughter of animals by the meat industry, that raises and then kills, a multiple number of animals than what human need in order to stand up to his alimentary habits, hunting down and murdering animals living in their natural environment seems to them as absolutely normal so they shouldn't matter to us at all.

Human has created his own pervert representation of natural processes in order to satisfy his own sick consuming and alimentary habits. These words become reality inside aviaries and animal farms. Before we realize our nature and put an end to this barbarous reality, no attack in the natural process can be justified.

As for all those "angry citizens" who practice this "sport" of hunting so that they can channel there all the stress and their anger that comes from the everyday routine, they now have to think twice before they waste again (as a figure of speech but also literally) their spare time.

source: ... _id=711093
Note: The action was mentioned only in , where it was clarified that the club was attacked with stones and paint. No photos were published.

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