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Massive Killing of Stray Dogs in Bosnia

Hey A.L.F.,

I'm writing you this letter because I came across this page on Facebook where people in Bosnia demand massive killings of stray dogs there because they are "scared to walk on the street normally", yet they don't want to hear about spaying or neutering stray dogs or even putting them in shelter.

They are being very violent to those dogs there, using sling shots and riffles to kill them or scare them away. Nobody is reacting over there, I'm trying to publicize this case everywhere, because it is inhumane way to "get rid" of stray dogs. They also want people to PAY THEM to put down those stray dogs, defending themselves by putting pictures of few people got bitten by dogs, who knows how old those pictures are.

I've already talked to admin of that page, and he showed me that he is very rude person that does NOT care about animal rights or what so ever.

I'm asking you to help us publicize the case and pressure Bosnian government to practice more animal rights there, by building more shelters for stray cats and dogs, this really is horror. I'm about to attach link to page but it's on Bosnian language. So I will also attach few pictures so you can see.

This is what they consider "aggressive"!/photo.php?pid=4515634&id=257775298431!/photo.php?pid=4515644&id=257775298431&fbid=411244723431

Poor life of Bosnian stray dogs, just waiting to be killed or die of starvation!!/photo.php?pid=3342240&id=257775298431 -the guy you can see in the mirror is probably admin of the page!!/photo.php?pid=3355700&id=257775298431&fbid=279534603431

Defending themselves by putting pictures like this:!/photo.php?pid=3511294&id=257775298431&fbid=326939423431!/photo.php?pid=3539897&id=257775298431&fbid=335290103431 -bad case, but probably old, and probably 1:10000000 chances for that to happen again.

Do they seem "aggressive" to you?!/photo.php?pid=3562479&id=257775298431&fbid=344703278431!/photo.php?pid=3598751&id=257775298431&fbid=359979808431!/photo.php?pid=4341512&id=257775298431&fbid=404147603431!/photo.php?pid=4341578&id=257775298431&fbid=404157263431!/photo.php?pid=3746431&id=257775298431&fbid=379910488431!/photo.php?pid=3555248&id=257775298431&fbid=341493378431 


Please help those poor souls!


Kristina MioŇ°ek

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