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NOA - Paul McCartney - Dec 2009

U ćetvrtak, 3.12.2009. sir Paul McCartney govorio je u EU parlamentu o pogubnom utjecaju mesne industrije na klimatske promjene.

slu�bena stranica eu parlamenta

"Traditional eater" Jerzy Buzek meets vegetarian Paul McCartney
03-12-2009 - 16:36

EP President Jerzy Buzek urged everyone "to act globally to face global challenges, but not to ignore what we do at home," when opening the "Less meat=less heat" hearing on 3 December. The idea of one meat-free day a week was highlighted as a way for an individual to make a difference to global warming. "It is very doable," said Sir Paul McCartney, the protagonist behind the campaign.

EU parlament raspravljao o utjecaju proizvodnje mesa na klimatske promjene

biv�i član grupe "Beatles" urgira kod svjetskih čelnika da uzmu u obzir poguban utjecaj proizvodnje mesa.

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