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Dru�tvo za za�titu prava �ivotinja Noa


Everything bad that happens animals are, especially pets, a reflection of the pathology in human society!

How much would have to be a monstrous one person to torture, abuse and kill an animal? Many will say, at least they are reasonable, that the person would have to be pretty monstrous and deranged. Indeed, the company will often condemn such a person. But how disfigured society can only be a "system" that systematically destroy it, exploits, tortures, dungeons and killing animals for their fetish, fun, tradition or appetite?

(This time it comes to drug dealers - who call themselves the protectors of animals) *

It is the unscrupulous dealers who feed the suffering of animals and naive ignorant who are willing to surrender an animal because they believe in the stories about the soft couches and green sweet grass for the animals from the streets and support the stereotypes of brutal and primitive, and some beautiful and noble peoples who still live far "West"

Animals should start saving with us here. Hit a problem here, where it occurs - to prevent uncontrolled leaving and abandoning pets - because people have a general problem and not animals!

- This is really happening, dogs and cats in a massive bear with vans and drive them ... In Germany and Italy - came a lot of dogs, as if they do not have enough, from Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatian ... So, these are the countries in which something does not work when it comes to animal welfare, "

This "business", according to the informed, works by the BiH collect animals under the pretext that they will be homed, and then take them bootleggers and sold in European countries. There they are used for weapons testing, training institutes, or for tests in the production of cosmetic products.

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