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NOA, Bosnia killing strays - Sept 2009

A letter from a citizen on illegal killings of strays in municipality of Bosanski Brod, Bosnia - please share!

Unfortunately we do not have photos, but we were shocked by the horrible scene, landfills to which the bloody dead bodies of dogs were transported near a hunting lodge in the village of Donja Vrela, local community Vinska, municipality of Bosanski Brod. We were denied access to the dump because the same people who committed the massacre are also guardians of landfills. As citizens we are confident that we can access the dump and get pictures of dead dogs. But we have witnesses who saw the brutality of the action all hunters and all the massacre on the streets of the city. The horrific event was announced in local radio station Radio Brod. Nothing was found either on the official website of Municipality nor in any forum. We citizens have no time left to get to know as citizens of the planned action, not just listen to all Radio Brod. This barbaric action was not announced in advance. That the actions we learned during the day in 17h in the afternoon.

That morning, our dog Aradia shortly disappeared from the yard, shocked by shots. We have sought him from 7:30 'till 11h at shorter intervals, and again at 13.15 h. Today we learn that the the action started early in the morning from 6.30, ie Saturday, 12.9. 2009. We know the killings will last until December 2009. The killing of dogs and cats that took place in the center of the city and the metropolitan area and the territory surrounding the village. We received information from citizens that are armed hunters marched through the city and were killing dogs on the spot in front of them. Many citizens were outraged. My parents have seen a trailer full of dead dogs when our hunters came to the house, after we contacted them, they came to us "to convince us that our dog is not there.." The next morning, Sunday 13.09. armed hunters, went next to our building and my brother from the window saw a trailer full of freshly killed dogs. Scene for a good morning! Dogs were also killed and collected in a trailer by mentioned hunters from hunting society. we don't have photos of hunters who have killed dogs, but these went into two groups. The group that came at us in an attempt to convince us that our dog was not killed is known to us and we mention them by name. We know all the hunters from hunting associations Vuńćijak . I turned to the Hunters' Association, explaining to them what happened because we think the alliance should be referred to the law on the use of weapons and with other laws because it is what they also directly put Hunting Association on the spot as a violation of hunting and a must put an end to it. Someone must stop this inhumane, illegal and extremely dangerous actions. Or we will quietly wait for someone "to euthanize" us with lead in bed at 6.30 a.m. I purchased the RTRS and contact number and address and we will help them. In two forums, we started threads about the massacre that happened in our city. On our facebook profile, people whose pets are also killed are contacting us, so that the final number is unknown. The Mayor of the municipalities of Bosanski Brod will be informed. We will conduct lawsuits against all those responsible, if the person fails to take legal steps to stop this massacre and never repeat, do not open the shelter to which dogs will be permanently placed, human being sued, and publicly called for genocide against legitimate. If the Municipality decides take steps in accordance with the law to stop such action we are ready to engage in litigation with the municipality.

I have invested so much time, effort money and love in my dog. Because it is not only my dog with a collar that was killed. I pray that we continue to report to all fb which affect the damage and pain. We will promptly notify the victims and perpetrators. We can not guarantee that we will manage to get photos of the killed dogs This is obviously a big job for the inspectors and the police. On the Facebook group was formed in which we invite all people to join us and provide support to the action that will stop further violence and anarchy, with the sole desire to prevent the killing of dogs. During the action of civil protest petition. I have to admit that we have no experience in the establishment of any organization but do not exclude the possibility that with your help and support we will establish one on the territory of the municipalities of Bosanski Brod.

NOA thank you for your understanding and support, I hope that the citizens of Bosanski Brod stand in defense of humane attitudes, at least so because they themselves are threatened with gunfire around their house.


This beautiful boy is another victim in illegal killings, not even collar-dogs are protected

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