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Animal Rights Actions in Hong Kong
Hong Kong needs stiffer sentences for animal cruelty - August 2013

AR volunteers in Sai Kung slam lame way of catching strays - July 2013

Hong Kong Urged to Tackle Animal Welfare - January 2011

Karen Mok vs. Canadian Sealers - February 2009

Fur Seminar Halted by ARAs - January 2008

Fur Protests - January 2007

ARs Disrupt Fur Fashion Show - January 2007

Hong Kong wants change in Animal Cruelty Laws: lawandorder/061206/html/061206en08004.htm

Hong Kong animal lovers stage vigil for dogs killed in China - December, 2006

AR Hong Kong -- 14 March 2006. "Dogs making a difference". Animals Asia Foundation Launches Anti-Animal Cruelty Campaign in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong -- Jan 9, 2006. Thousands of animal lovers took to Hong Kong's streets with their dogs and cats today, urging the government to strengthen legislation against animal cruelty.

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