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Cow Saves Own Hide

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Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2007

Calf darts away from butcher's knife, escapes slaughter on New Year's Day

MUMBAI, India- A 2-year-old calf saved his own hide on New Year's Day when he refused to be led into a Mumbai slaughterhouse, an animal activist said Wednesday.

The calf was being taken to an abattoir along with hundreds of buffaloes and goats when it charged into a nearby warehouse and kept butchers at bay until he was rescued the next day by animal activists.

J.C. Khanna of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said police called in his team on Monday evening after trying for seven hours to draw the animal out of the warehouse.

Khanna's team was able to get close enough only on Tuesday morning and injected the frightened calf with a sedative. The calf is being treated for injuries incurred while scrambling around the warehouse.

"His body was bruised because he ran around the warehouse and was hit all over," said Khanna. "But he is the luckiest animal out of so many thousands that were slaughtered that day. He saved his own life."

Monday was also the Muslim festival of Eid in Mumbai when sheep, cows, goats and bulls are sacrificed during the religious holiday.

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