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Problem in Papikondalu India - March 2016

WildlifeSOS India - July 2015

Mumbai Bans Horse-Drawn Carriages - June 2015

Ahimsa for Birds - May 2015

India Is The First Country In Asia To Ban All Cosmetics Tested On Animals - Oct 2014

Indian goddess turns vegetarian after centuries of animal sacrifices - Oct 2014

In India, The World's First Vegetarian City - Oct 2014

Indian court bans animal sacrifice - Pradesh's decision to outlaw 'barbaric'
slaughter of animals in Hindu temples. Sept 2014

India Bans Animal Dissection In Universities "To Save Precious Lives" - August 2014

Tamil film on the explosive subject of vegetarianism is surprise hit - July 2014

India Bans Foie Gras - July 2014

India Declares Dolphins To Be "Non-Human Persons", Dolphin Shows Banned - April 2014

(India) Animal Rights Campaigner Killed- January 2014

Maneka Gandhi joins in appeal over animal experiments - December 2013

Teen Saves Lives by Speaking to Elephants - November 2013

Science fair to ban experiments on animals from 2014 - October 2013

Dolphins granted personhood by government of India - August 2013

Dolphins gain unprecedented protection in India - July 2013

India bans cruel animal testing for cosmetics, activists elated - June 2013

Vegetarian Shoe Company Targets Jains - June 2013

India says it's 'morally unacceptable' to make dolphins perform - May 2013

AR Outcry as Endangered Elephants Used as 'Bulldozers' - 3/2013

India - Animal Matters. No 26: 15th March, 2013 - March 2013

Meat Exposed - Short film in Hindi and English - 12/12

India: 70 Beagles Rescued From Tests! - 12/12

Vegetarian in Mumbai? Welcome to the meat-free neighbourhood - 12/12

Vegan is the Way to Go in Indian Weddings - 12/12

India's ARAs claim victory over "dancing bears" - December 2012

Launch of HSI India Draws Big Names and Big Goals for Animals - 11/12

TOI - Parrikar wants Goa to be No 1 animal friendly state; activists elated - November 2012

AR Protesters Force Closure Of Slaughterhouses In Mumbai - September 2012

Free Indian Activists Arrested for Stopping Illegal Cattle Slaughter! - September 2012

India ARAs vs. Animal Abusers - September 2012

"The Chicken Story Retold" on Vegan India! - September 2012

Guidelines for Humane Euthanasia of Farm Animals - August 2012

India Animal Welfare Act - July 2012

India ARAs battle against mega-dairy - July 2012

Indian state OKs shooting tiger poachers on sight - May 2012

Scientists take on activists, want ban on live testing on animals lifted - April 2012

Mumbai Bans Use of Live Animals for Education, Research - April 2012

Apartment blocks in city turn pure vegetarian - April 2012

India Migration Birds in Danger - January 2012

Use humane methods to cull birds, pleads animal rights group - Jan 2012

Of Laws, Cows And People's Mutinies: Will The Beef Ban In BJP-Ruled States Fuel A New Mutiny? - Jan 2012

Truck set ablaze by Indian ARAs - Dec 2011

Dyed chicks rescued from Dombivli - Dec 2011

19 Million Animals Saved? - Dec 2011

AR group for action against wildlife law violation - November 2011

'Veg only' apartments in Mangalore - October 2011

Ending animal dissection in India - Oct 2011

Government of Madhya Pradesh Directs Egg Producers to Discontinue Starvation Force Molting of Laying Hens - October 2011

Happy Hens Farm is First Indian Egg Producer to Label Eggs "Free Range" - September 2011

Progress for Egg-Laying Hens in India - August 2011

Force molting of hens - need help in Haryana, Punjab, West Bengal, UP and MP - August 2011

Andhra Pradesh Directs Egg Producers to Discontinue Starvation Force Molting - July 2011

Maneka opposes cow slaughter for Army sneakers, stalls project - 7/2011

Government of Rajasthan Directs Egg Producers to Discontinue Starvation Force Molting of Laying Hens - July 2011

India's Draft AW Bill Changed To Exempt Religious Slaughtering - July 2011

Video of Owl Rescue - May 2011

Illegal ankush' used on jumbos at Amber - May 2011

Government of Karnataka Directs Layer Farm Owner To Discontinue Starvation Force Molting Of Laying Hens - May 2011

In India, you may end up in jail for killing a mouse - May 2011

India - For a Life Beyond Cages - May 2011

HSI Congratulates Hotel Ramada Plaza New Delhi for Hatching New Cage-Free Egg Policy - March 2011

India for Animals - Webcast - Jan 2011

India for Animals Conference to be Held in Chennai - Jan 2011

Nagpur: Animal rights activists roughed up - Jan 2011

India for Animals Conference 2011 - Chennai - Jan 2011

A good life makes for happy cows at Hare Krishna farm - Dec 2010

"Delete article 51 A (g) of Indian Constitution - Naresh Kadyan" - Dec 2010

Indian ARAs Vs. Zoo Animal Shipments - Dec 2010

India for Animals Conference in Chennai - Nov 2010

Shut Down All Zoo's and Circuses in India - Sept 2010

Jairam Ramesh, India's Green Minister - August 2010

Anti-cow slaughter bill passed - July 2010
     Fine For Cow Slaughter

Indian Activist in Danger - June 2010

ARAs Obstruct Ahmedabad Municipal Corps Office - June 2010

India Frames Rules for Dog Breeding and Sales - June 2010

Bangalore - South & West Asia Vegetarian Congress - March 2010

India: VSPCA March 2010 email report:
http://www.vspca. org/updates/ 2010-03-08/ index.php

India: Richard Gere campaigns to turn Bodh Gaya into vegetarian zone

...He also appealed to locals as well as tourists to adopt vegetarianism...

January 7th, 2010

Hollywood star Richard Gere, who is in Bodh Gaya in Bihar to attend a five-day discourse on Buddhism by Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, Thursday supported the demand to turn the town where Buddha attained enlightenment into a vegetarian zone.

'I am strongly in favour of turning Bodh Gaya into a vegetarian zone,' Richard Gere told mediapersons at Bodh Gaya Thursday before going to participate in a discourse on Buddhism by the Dalai Lama....

Source: Richard Gere campaigns to turn Bodh Gaya into vegetarian zone

Link: Hollywood actor Richard Gere leads candlelight march in Bodh Gaya

Indian AR News Jan 2010

India - VSPCA; Dec '09

Indian Teachers Call for Replacement of Dissection - Dec 09

November 2009: VSPCA in Visakhapatnam, AP, India along with other groups in India, is educating others and serving only vegan meals. This is a change from vegetarian meals.
Kindly take a moment to read our new email report here:
http://www.vspca. org/updates/ 2009-11-09/
Please join us on facebook (link on the email report). Thanks!
Eileen Weintraub Help Animals India/VSPCA
[email protected]
[email protected] com

November 2009: If you have a moment to spare, please send an thank you email to the Indian Central Zoo Authority at [email protected] to thank them for their action in freeing the Elephants from the zoos and circuses in India. Lets hope its a beginning of good things for the Elephants that other countries take a leaf from their book and do the same.
http://www.care2. com/causes/ animal-welfare/ blog/free- at-last-indias- central-zoo- authority- orders-all- elephants- freed-from- zoos-circuses/


Indian teachers call for replacement of dissections & animal experiments-November 2009

Police register case against Maneka Gandhi - September 2009

Matchmaking in India: Canine Division - August 2009

For the love of India's cows: VSPCA rescue victory -April 2009

Maneka Gandhi: Political agenda for animal welfare needed - March 2009

College student nabs two illegal bird-sellers - January 30, 2009

DU researcher puts animal rights activism on paper - December 2008

DOYA Rescues Calf, Falcon - October, 2008

Our volunteers prasad has uploaded the videos on You Tube, below is the link: Interview of Nilesh - Mansi on IBN Lokmat Channel on 15th August 08

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Coverage of Team PAWS on MTV Yongistan India

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Nilesh Bhanage

"The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray".

We Raid on animal performers in city Faridabad, and capture wild animals from them which is illegal, such as: owl, monkey, snake, mongoose. We save life of any sick, wound, accidental animal in Faridabad, we delivered them to Delhi shelter after providing first to them. We also organise animal related camp in schools too. Our address is: people for animals 1262, sector -55, Faridabad, Haryana, India. helpline no: 09213961501. email id: [email protected] . com/user/ oipaindia

PAOLA GHIDOTTI -OIPA International Campaigns Director
International Organization for Animal Protection
NGO associated with the UN Department of Public Information [email protected]

5000 year old tribe still on a vegan diet

There are about 1,000 descendants of the Aryan tribes and they live scattered around Gilgit, Hunza, Kargil and Leh. Being nature worshippers, they celebrate the Bononah (nature) festival and are strict vegans, which means they are not only strictly vegetarian but also don't consume milk or milk products.... ...

http://www.evana. org/index. php?id=37993& lang=en

Videos on Monkey rescue: com/watch? v=u72uN35yOFw
download the flv file

Monkey Rescue 2: com/watch? v=P_pWM4IxVC0
download the flv file

Helping Stray Dogs - November 2008

ARAs Mourn Death of a Dog - July 2008 com/user/ oipaindia - June 2008

Animal Law Expert Raj Panjwani Gets Award - June '08

Jain Bird Hospital - May 2008

ARAs stop the poisoning of stray dogs - March 08

Three ARAs Arrested in India - Jan 08

All Women patrolling team in Periyar Tiger Reserve - December 2007

ASHA Foundation - November 2007

Abused monkeys upset animal activists - October 2007

Rock Bands for AR - September 2007

India Bans Bull Fights - July 2007

Veggie Battle - July 2007

Actress Arora Against Circuses - July 2007

Turtle Rescue - June 2007

Helping Animal Activists in India - June 2007

Dancing Bears in India and Pakistan - May 2007

Maneka Gandhi advocates ban on killing of dogs - May 2007

Schools Teaching AR - April 2007

Dog Slaughter - April 2007

Meatless McDonalds - April 2007

Thai Orangutans Traded to India - March 2007

Mumbai Protest - February 2007

Speaking for the voiceless - January 2007

Cow Saves Own Hide - January 2007

Website for the 11th International Vegan Festival, to be held in Murdeshwar, India, September 2007 is at:

Elephants are equal to human beings: Court - December 2006

KFC Protest - December 2006

Boycott Leather - October 2006. Demonstration by an animal rights organisation at a Hemant Trivedi fashion show.

Supreme Court bans zoos from breeding - October 2006. "We direct no zoo shall permit any further breeding of animals," Chief Justice Y.K. Sabharwal said.

Cats Go Vegan -- August 2006. In Asia's biggest shelter for rescued cats, the feline inmates are turning vegetarian these days.

Youngest CEO Supports PETA -- August 2006. 19-year-old Suhas Gopinath, who heads a multinational company, is fighting for a noble cause protection of animals

India McD -- 2006. Customers at Thane's McDonald's outlet were in for a surprise on Monday. They found the outlet promoting vegetarianism and veganism.

Puducherry, Jan 10, 2007: India was the "most progressive and forward-looking country" as far as the treatment towards animals was concerned, said Jonathan Balcombe, a US-based animal behaviour research scientist.

Balcombe, also attached to the US-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), during his visit here, said India has a good tradition to show concern and love to animals.

Speaking to reporters after addressing a meeting at the Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences here today, he said animals had basic rights and they should never be violated or trespassed upon.

"Like friends, animals should be treated with care and affection," he said, adding, vegetarian diet was an ideal system. It was not only a good thing but also the only thing.
Balcombe's latest book is, 'Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and the Nature of Feeling Good'. (Agencies)

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